All the broken things, all at once

Many things are broken this week.

Our hearts, from dealing with the difficulties of parenting and growing up all at the same time.

And other things.

My car went for it’s MOT and despite its recent services, the garage had decided to hold back a few ‘surprises’ that meant that in order to pass the MOT I ended up with a bill for £272.

And I bought a new tax disc -kerching!

Now my car is lovely and not broken and all shiny legal, so this means that someone will inevitably dump fourteen gallons of corrosive horse urine on it, or simply drive into it because they can.

In medical news, my period started today, a week early, which was a lovely surprise, especially because I didn’t have any Tampax on me, as the last one I had exploded in my bag last week, and I pulled it out of a bundle of crap in the bottom of my handbag , where it dangled next to an old glove, and a key ring looking like a startled mouse – and I shoved it unceremoniously into a bin and forgot to replace it.

In dental news, Tilly broke a bracket on her braces, meaning a trip to the dentist was in order.

Oscar has a gap where one of his two front teeth still has to make an appearance.  You can see the tooth in the gum, but it is just hanging around, biding its time, having a cuppa and a lie down and not really getting on with it.

A few days ago I noticed that the gum was rather discoloured. In fact, it was purple, and swollen and looking decidedly menacing.  He swore blind that it didn’t hurt, but then he doesn’t like going to the dentist, so I took this with a pinch of salt, and booked him an appointment.

I had an Xray of one of my bottom two front teeth when I went for a check up a few weeks ago.  The tooth is looking slightly discoloured, and it is the same tooth I had root canal treatment on fifteen years ago, so he just wanted to be sure it was all good.

It was not all good. There was a shadow where there shouldn’t have been a shadow.

I found this out just as we were going out the door to my father in law’s funeral.  I couldn’t get back in time for an exploratory poke at it before the dentist went away on his holidays, so I was back in today for the first time since the shadowy bad news.

They couldn’t sort all the dentally challenged Boos out at the same time today, so we went in two clumps.

I went first.

The joyous news is that the root canal jobby is beginning to break down and he suspects it is infected. I have to go for two treatments, the first of which is tomorrow.  He’s going to open it up and poke around in it tomorrow. Apparently, this might wake up the pain molecules that live in my brain.  I am not in pain now, but he doesn’t really know why. Tomorrow I almost certainly will be.

Which is something to look forward to.

Then I will have a follow up treatment to redecorate the inside of the root canal thingy and make it more up to date and on trend. I am thinking white on white with granite work surfaces and brushed chrome fixtures.

Then it should be fine. Or not, because apparently when you open up old root canal work, there is a fifty percent increased risk it will all go pear shaped again.

On the other hand, if I don’t have it done, I will almost certainly kill the surrounding teeth and end up in excruciating agony.

Hey ho.

On the other hand, Tilly’s problem was easy to fix, and Oscar has a harmless cyst around the new tooth, which children sometimes get. The blue colour is due to a small bleed into the cyst liquid which is perfectly fine, but looks like a baboon’s arse just to worry you if you are a stress head parent like me.

Oscar was very impressed that the dentist took a photo of his tooth ‘because it was a famous tooth, mama’.

When his sisters asked him what was the matter with his tooth, he shrugged and said: ‘I think I’ve got a cul-de-sac. But it’s alright because it’s famous and I had its picture taken.’

So that’s good then.

2 responses to “All the broken things, all at once

  1. Oh dear! It sounds like you’re having a bad time at the moment. I hope things improve soon 🙂

  2. They are improving. Thank you.xx

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