That was the weekend that was

In other news:

I have managed to tax my car.  This is amazing. I am rubbish at this sort of thing and I am very impressed at myself.

Now I have to remember to book it in for an MOT – and insure it.

I have gone through an extraordinary amount of paperwork and refined it into several scrawled to do lists written in pink felt tip pen, liberally dashed with exclamation marks.  These lists consist of things like ‘Reindeer £600 for two hours? Even with an owl, they’re taking the piss.’ and ‘Do I really want cyclamen bulbs?’ and ‘How many selection boxes are too many selection boxes?’

My to do list is so long it is making me hyperventilate just thinking about it.

This are my school/work/PTFA to do lists. Not my regular to do list.  God help me, if I combined the lists I would be carried, gibbering into the basket weaving department of the local hospital, never to be seen again – except on documentaries where I would run around, hair akimbo, weeping and tearing at things with my tiny claws.

I have discovered I have the biggest head of the entire family (Thank you Mrs. Bosworth for setting that homework, and confirming what we all suspected).

I have been to Belton Hall with my new National Trust membership which I finally got round to renewing two months after it had run out.  I loved it there. I will post pictures anon.

I have learned to make hand made Naan bread.  This was good. It was surprisingly easy, very tasty and made me feel clever. I like this kind of learning.

I am two thirds of the way through the third volume of the Twilight series. I torture myself. Bella Swann is still a useless, whinging arse (I speak as I find, and I know of what I speak, being one myself). I must finish it though. I am hoping for tragedy in the last volume. I suspect I may be thwarted in this desire, but a girl can hope.

I have laughed myself silly at my children’s ridiculous antics.

I have eaten everything.

Everything tasted good.


One response to “That was the weekend that was

  1. I thought you had to MOT/Insure before you could tax?….or am I just befuddled again…….

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