He’s never been a leg man

Oscar’s class were creating tongue twisters today.

The teacher was trying to get them to come up with words that began with the same letter and sounded similar to each other to produce the perfect tongue tying twister.

They were brain storming the letter ‘T’.

Oscar said: ‘Tit!’

The teacher, trying to think on her feet (and doing a good job), didn’t hesitate and said: ‘Yes, but a tit is really called a blue tit, and that wouldn’t be any good for our ‘T’ words, Oscar.’

Oscar said: ‘No. I wasn’t thinking of that kind of tit. I was thinking of the other kind, but I guess that’s too rude to use’.


2 responses to “He’s never been a leg man

  1. God bless Oscar. At least he knows the difference. I do love to start my day with a chuckle

  2. so, i guess he has no worries about whether he likes girls…

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