Ponder this


Lists are good:


Lack of weekend means I woke up running on empty.

Trapped nerve in my neck is no better today. Am now actually looking like Fenella the Witch from Chorlton and the Wheelies.


Huge spot on chin shaping up nicely. Will undoubtedly erupt on Thursday when I have a meeting to go to at which I must be charming to people I don’t know.

Tiredness is making me clumsy. Everything is taking ten times longer than it should and I am making ridiculous mistakes.

I am not suffering fools gladly. (this might actually be normal, to be fair. I have a low fool threshold at the best of times)

I am too tired to do lots of work which is mounting up, ready to fall on me like an avalanche.


My feet seem to be spontaneously falling to bits. I am not sure why. I am stuffing them into tights and ignoring them.


Made another cracking dinner from Manly Food (spicy lamb kofte). Over the weekend I also made the jambalaya and the beef in black bean sauce. NOM.

Now convinced I am a man, I love this book so much.

I don’t mind being a man if it means less shaving and not bothering with lady part related shark week.

Rocked my Fifties style dress with net petticoat. Did not mind the fact that I felt like a mushroom/parachute hybrid and that it was a bloody nuisance to sit down in.

Even if I were a man this look would totally work. I’d be happy to be a transvestite.

Got a piece of work done I’ve been failing to do for blinking ages.

Finally sorted Tilly’s work experience without having to kill anyone/cry/rage against the machine.

Ate a lot of chocolate.

Didn’t cry at all during the whole day despite feeling rather sniffsome at times.


Normal service will be resumed tomorrow with Bake Off blog.

7 responses to “Ponder this

  1. Dress picture?

  2. You looked lovely and worked very hard!!x

  3. Libby – tomorrow. xx

    Indeed. xx

    Thank you sweetie. xx

  4. bless your heart xx

  5. Have been battling tempests since Friday culminating in 18+ hour blackout yesterday with the added delight of no mobile signal either ( a first and the cause of a little panicky ‘we’re all doomed’ feeling). House still intact although a trifle damp in places, have to find someone to clamber about on the roof once the gales finally finish, possibly by the end of the week. Power continues to be a bit flickery so don’t panic if I’m quiet for a while. xox

    PS. dab some tea tree oil on the spot?

  6. Based on your descriptions of what you’ve been cooking, I may be a man too, It all sounds delicious!

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