More Manly Food

We are still eating Manly Food here at Boo towers, even though I submitted my book review last week.

I guess this is a good endorsement of the book. I have other, new recipe books waiting in the wings but I cannot quite bear to let go of this one yet, even though the recipes in the others look very tasty too.

This week we have had the Coq au Vin although because Jason hates things with wine in, it was the Coq rather than the vin.  I drank the vin, so that was good, and the Coq a seul was very tasty.

I have also made the Godfather spaghettti with meatballs, which even Tilly, who hates minced meat of any description, lapped up with great gusto.  She said she was more than happy to eat it again, so it will definitely go on my repeat recipe pile.

I made the chicken tikka masala, although I didn’t have time to faff about with it, so I just made the whole lot at once and stuffed it in the slow cooker. It tasted good, but I’d like to do it again when I have time to properly marinade and roast the chicken to see if the flavour, which was already good, improves.

I made the peppered beef with noodles again, at Jason’s request, when we had friends over last night. It wasn’t quite as successful as before, mainly because the quality of the steak we bought this time was not as good, and it was a little chewy. I was quite disappointed.  It tasted as nice, but it is all the better for melt in your mouth beef perfection.

Today we had hot and spicy duck ramen.  I love duck, but by goodness it was expensive.  Four duck breasts for the five of us came to sixteen quid, so it’s not the cheapest meal in the universe. Having said that, it was delicious. The duck was tender and pink, crispy on top, and  a perfect taste to complement the fiery noodle broth.  I would happily eat it again, and again if duck were not quite so spendy.

Tomorrow we are going to the theatre and I need something quick and simple to cook for everyone before we set off.  I have had my eye on this dish for a while and it seems the perfect time to cook it.  It consists of poached eggs, parma ham cooked crispy like bacon, and the lot served on a bed of salty, steamed samphire.


On Tuesday we are camping at granny’s for the evening and I intend to bring along the ingredients for macaroni carbonara.  My friend Nicki borrowed the recipe and cooked it for her family twice last week.  It is a sure fire hit, and I love the sound of it.  It is also very simple, which is what you need when you’re running about the countryside ferrying children here, there and everywhere.

I am loving this recipe book. It is full of the kind of recipes we love, and given that Jason is a carnivore through and through, it satisfies his need for meat with every meal, with my need for something that doesn’t taste like roast beast and potatoes with every meal.  For us, the best meals are the ones that indulge our taste for the spicier side of eating, and luckily that seems to be classed as a manly trait, so we are spoiled for choice.

I have my eye on a lot more recipes in here to cook over the coming weeks, and I think that had I paid for it (I got it free, in exchange for an honest review for Amazon), I would definitely have had more than my money’s worth from it by now.

I love it.

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