Buses on the Strand

I saw this as part of the poems on the underground series that London transport do.

I love that London Transport do poems on the underground.

It is one of the things that make me proud to be British.

Sad, but true.

It is a beautiful, beautiful poem.

Buses on the Strand

The Strand is beautiful with buses,
Fat and majestical in form,
Red like tomatoes in their trusses
In August, when the sun is warm.

They cluster in the builded chasm,
Corpulent fruit, a hundred strong,
And now and then a secret spasm
Spurs them a yard or two along.

Scarlet and portly and seraphic,
Contented in the summer’s prime,
They beam among the jumbled traffic,
Patiently ripening with time,

Till, with a final jerk and rumble,
The Strand tomatoes, fat and fair,
Roll past the traffic lights and tumble
Gleefully down Trafalgar Square.

R.P. Lister

5 responses to “Buses on the Strand

  1. There is, indeed, something very pleasing about this poem.
    My sister once wrote to John Betjeman and he wrote back saying that Poetry was just words in a certain order (or something like that)….how easy he made it sound.

  2. i love this poem. our NYC subway system has “poetry in motion” posters on the trains, and i want to suggest this poem to them.

  3. Steve Bucknell

    Sadly, the poet Richard Lister died at the age of 99 on May 1st this year. I had the priviledge to know him for a short while. He was a kind and funny man and a brilliant poet. Get hold of a copy of his The Idle Demon if you can via Amazon. His poems make you smile, laugh and think. He loved London and was so pleased to see “Buses On The Strand” picked for “Poems on the Underground”.

    • Hi, thanks for your wonderful comment. Oddly, someone bought me The Idle Demon about two weeks ago as a gift. I look forward to reading it.

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