The dying of the light

My father in law died last week.

Life dealt Terry a pretty crappy hand all things considered.

He did not have an easy time of it for the last five years or so – and with multiple sclerosis a constant companion and burden, life before that hadn’t exactly been a picnic for him either.

In the last few months his health deteriorated quite dramatically and there were times when it seemed like he was ready to leave us – and then he rallied.

Last week he really was ready, and there was no coming back.

Terry – you endured what seemed, to me, to be impossible things to endure, with grace, good humour and fortitude.  I don’t think I ever heard you complain, in all the years I knew you, about your condition and the indignities that were visited upon you because of that condition.  You remained steadfast in adversity and kept your spirit intact where lesser people (like me), fail on an almost daily basis to cope with much less.

Even in your darkest moments, your worries seemed more for the problems you were causing others than for what you were going through yourself.

I’d say those were pretty admirable qualities.

I am so very sorry for everything you have endured over these long and wearying weeks of ebbing away. I cannot say we were friends in the time we knew each other, but if I could have made things easier for you in those last weeks it would have been the very least I could have done for you.  I am sorry I could not.

Whatever comes next, Terry, I wish you happy.



14 responses to “The dying of the light

  1. I’ sorry to hear your sad news x

  2. Bless you and your family. Hugs. Diane and family xx

  3. Such sad news, and so difficult for him to have suffered so. I hope you, Jason and the children are keeping well. xx

  4. So sorry for your loss x

  5. I am so sorry for your loss and that of your husband, Jason.

  6. “…steadfast in adversity… ” is a good way to be remembered. I am thinking of you and Jason. x

  7. hope friday goes as well as it can be with you in spirit xx

  8. give jason and the children many hugs and hand squeezes from me. take many for yourself. what a lovely tribute…

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