London – some blurry pictures wot I took

I’ve finally gotten round to uploading all my London photos.


There are rather a lot of them, and I have posted loads of Facebook already so I can scratch the itch that is boring the pants off of everyone with your holiday snaps.

Look, even Oscar is bored, and he was in the pictures.

You can have the edited highlights.


I saw this on the road between Stockwell and Clapham. I would love to rent some deep tunnels, but sadly nobody else wanted to come in with me on the scheme, and as I only have 27 pence in old money to my name, it is not to be.



Here is an elephant shrew in a jar, from the Grant Museum of Zoology. I have a bit of a thing about shrews.  I wanted to adopt this one, but someone else had beaten me to it. Curses! 



Look at this cool decanter from the Wellcome Collection shop. It would be excellent to have this and fill it with Vimto.



Serious Egyptian bling from the Petrie Museum.



Impromptu green houses on the South Bank. Lots of them were full of edible plants. The beans were coming on nicely. Obviously the river air suits them.



This sign was the best thing about the Beano Town exhibition. And it was outside.  Peaked too early.



This was at Hackney City Farm. You can see the chickens scattered about. Oscar was leaning over the fence watching them and said: ‘I don’t understand why chickens need to learn English.’

It was a moment of poetry.



This is the amazing view from the park at the Horniman museum. You can just see the Shard poking up in the distance. 



This man had the very fierce and serious job of selling peacock feathers at Brick Lane. The first rule of peacock feather selling – never smile at your customers. The second rule of peacock feather selling – scowl like billio at everyone.



Excellent red velvet cake from Local Hero on Fulham High Street. 



Tilly bothering an owl at Fulham Palace.



We like dead things…

The old operating theatre – St Thomas’s.



Look! My coffee cup has Pac Man and fried eggs on it! 



The reading room at the Geffrye Museum.



Tiny trees cut out of old paper bags at the Saatchi gallery.



This teeny monkey at Battersea Park Zoo looks like it has an extra limb in this photo. I tried to entice it into my bag but it wouldn’t come with me. 



An explosion of ribbons and feathers at V. V. Rouleaux. Goodness I love that shop.



I leave you with a magnificent pictorial hymn to the finest pancakes I’ve had since we visited Canada.



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