bank holiday ponderings

I have spent my bank holiday weekend so far, ferrying my children backwards and forwards to various glittering social engagements, waiting in for the Ocado man and doing a lot of housework and admin.

Not exactly glamorous, but then a week of hard core tourism and eating enough to sink Denmark comes at a price.  Everyone has to refuel now and again, unless they have staff.

The cat is delighted we are back. She has saved Jason from a marauding horde of killer butterflies by eating them all and leaving their wings all over the office carpet.  She has caught a frog, much to the bewilderment of her, and the frog. She has chased a grass hopper up and down the lawn, bounding as it hopped, and reduced me to tears of laughter.

She is on fine form.

The monster paddling pool that uncle Robber gave us, and which we left behind still full of water, is now a vivid green colour, studded with the corpses of dead bumble bees, and exerts a compelling fascination on the children and Derek.  You leave them all happily engaged in an activity, only to find them standing round the pool, staring into its murky depths as soon as your back is turned.

The sooner it is drained, the better.

It was one of my jobs this weekend, but as I have removed ten tons of cat crap from the lawn, done four loads of laundry, cleaned windows, washed down woodwork, stripped beds, hoovered, dusted, tidied and rescued three wasps and a spider today already, I think I’ll give it a miss and hope that nobody drowns in the next twelve hours.

Tilly is rock climbing with her dad today.  It is her postponed birthday treat.  They have gone to the Peak District to hurl themselves about on cliff faces.

I am trying not to think about it too much.

When I do give it more than a passing glance with my mind I go:

‘Arrghhh! Gawdelpus. She will be dead in a ravine, her eyes being nibbled by sheep.  I wish I’d never watched Touching the Void, etc’

So I keep busy.

I have made a kind of memory wall from all the postcards and cuttings I have been collecting on my travels.



It’s on the end of a book case that faces my desk, so I can see it as I work. I rather love it.

I have kept this kind of thing for years.  About every three years or so I have a clear out and get rid of it all. It was getting to that time again, and I knocked the pile over earlier as I was cleaning up.  Rather than just bin it all, I did this with it instead.

I am feeling quite pleased about it.

Jason will probably go mad. The whole house is full of pictures, walls and walls of them.  He sighs and rolls his eyes a lot as another one goes up. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so ambitious while he’s been away though.

Ah well, at least I’ve only used blu tack and not glue.


2 responses to “bank holiday ponderings

  1. I LOVE your memory wall. Much more interesting than a scrapbook… and you can see it all the time too.

  2. That is true. That’s probably why Jason won’t like it!

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