Boo Holiday – Day 8 – Salmon Benedict and Coffee in a vase

The last day of our holiday was much more sedate due to the fact that I woke up with a migraine, which I had been keeping on top of for the two previous days, but which was now keeping on top of me.

And it was raining…

but still really warm outside.

Which probably accounted for the fact that my head felt like it was in a vice.

We packed up the car and abandoned it, said goodbye to the cats and abandoned them, and headed off for the last time.

We met our friends Keith and Noreen outside the London Transport Museum, which should have been our first port of call, but by this time  I was a bit grey and shaky, so they agreed that we would start with brunch and then do exploring.

I don’t usually eat around Covent Garden, not because it isn’t nice, but because it’s usually full of tourists and I don’t like to queue for things, or be smacked in the face by Italian back packers while they watch someone painted gold pretending to be a statue.

I get all sort of enraged and red mistish about this kind of thing.

Having no prior knowledge of where was good to eat (except Laduree and one can’t really dine on macaron’s when they’re £2 each. They’re delicious but too expensive to fill up on), we plumped for a place called Tuttons.

We chose it because it was next to the Transport Museum. It has been there for donkey’s years, so they must be doing something right.  According to Google it is one of the oldest restaurants in the Covent Garden area.

If I’m honest I was expecting the worst. I was expecting bad service, nasty food and a hefty bill at the end.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The food was good. I had eggs royal, which is basically eggs benedict with salmon instead of ham.  It was a good sized portion with a fair amount of salmon. The hollandaise sauce was tasty and at £8 it was about what you would expect to pay anywhere in London.  Everyone else enjoyed their food equally as much as me, and the coffee was good.

When I went in for my second cup of ‘large’ coffee, the waiter apologised that they had no large coffee cups, just standard ones. I said it didn’t matter, but he was eager to please, and said that as long as I didn’t mind having my coffee in something that wasn’t a coffee cup he might be able to help.  I didn’t care if he bought it in a vase, so off he went and came back with a very large cut glass tumbler full of coffee.

I loved him for his dedication to serving me exactly what I wanted, and his out of the box approach.

Top marks.

We will go back.

The Transport Museum was fun. I haven’t been since Tilly was a baby and they’ve done a lot of work on it since then. I am slightly obsessed by the Underground, so anywhere that allows you to play around on tube trains and the like is good in my bag.  The tickets are £15 for adults, £11 for concessions and children under 16 go free. Your ticket gives you entry for a whole year if you keep hold of it, so it’s excellent value if you’re going back more than once.

I resisted buying lots of Underground posters, lovely though they were. It wasn’t that they didn’t have any I liked, it was that they had too many that I liked and I couldn’t make my mind up.

Jason will be relieved.  There are so many pictures on our walls it is a wonder you can see what colour they are.

We lunched at Dishoom  once again. It was a long, leisurely lunch which didn’t finish until gone three in the afternoon. It’s the sort of way I like to lunch. Had I not been feeling so ghastly it would have been perfect.

We were going to try and squeeze in the dentistry museum on Wimpole Street, but I was beginning to flag by then, so we will save it for another day.

Jason had very kindly offered to come and meet us in London and drive me home. I should have said no, and manned up, but I didn’t, because although I am getting braver and braver at driving, some things still send me into a flat spin, and driving in London requires much screwing of courage to the sticking post.

In the event, as I was feeling so poorly I was really glad I had caved in and let him come and fetch me.

We met his train at St. Pancras and headed back south of the river to pick up the car, fully expecting to be stuck in rush hour traffic all the way home. The gods were with us and we had a smooth journey with no snarl ups at all.

We had a wonderful week, met up with lots of our friends, ate in lots of fabulous places and visited many more of the places on our ‘must see’ list.  We really need to go back soon though, as in the process of ticking off more of the things on our list we found things and places we haven’t been to yet, and this means that our must see list is getting longer rather than shorter.

Till next time then…

8 responses to “Boo Holiday – Day 8 – Salmon Benedict and Coffee in a vase

  1. That’s always the way with must-see lists (like must-read lists). No matter how many items you corss off, the list always gets longer!

    It would have been fab if he actually HAD brought the coffee in a vase.

  2. Be glad that you’ve ticked off lots of things from the list anyway and made some great memories 🙂

  3. ‘Twas great to see you all. And I did love your dialogue with the member of staff at Dishoom when he wanted to explain everything in excruciating detail:
    “I understand the system – I’ve been here before”
    “But how long ago?”
    As Tilly, commented, probably not what he was expecting…

  4. I would very much like to come on holiday to London with you. But recognising that is slightly stalky, what would be your top things to do over 3 days in London as a family. We like wierd museums, food- lots of it and the underground. Ps love your blog- tis one of only 3 I read x

  5. ooh goodness.

    Will blog it! xx

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