Boo Holiday 2013 – Day 3 – Food Glorious Food

When we woke up yesterday our feet were quite sore from the day before, so we decided we would do less, but probably eat about the same.

This is the kind of decision making I am in favour of.

We mooched into Clapham in the daylight, and ferreted about the highways and by ways we had ear marked for exploration on Thursday night.

When our feet were sore, we hopped onto an overland train at Clapham High Street and got the train to Forest Hill.

We were on our way to the Horniman Museum, which none of us had ever visited before, but it was about lunch time, and we hadn’t eaten anything for at least half an hour, so we went for lunch first.

We found a cafe cum art gallery called Canvas and Cream.  My sort of place. They had bubble and squeak on the menu, vintage china and mismatched chairs and tables, as well as the art gallery.  The food was good and it was a most excellent place to watch the world go by.  I ate a lot of bubble and squeak with poached eggs. I love bubble and squeak, and anywhere that serves it gets my total approval.

Their carrot cake was good too.  I have been haunted by the smell of it since buying the hand wash, and it is making me even more hungry than ever.

Which is probably not a good thing.

But I am on my holidays.

We really should have eaten after we went to the Horniman, as it was a five minute walk up a fairly steep hill with very full bellies, but none of us died and none of us drownded, so it was all good.

The Horniman is highly recommended.  First we went round the park.  They have a great kitchen and medicinal garden section which is fun if you’re into that sort of thing, which we are.

If you’re more into activities, there is a fantastic music garden with lots of things to hammer and clang and bash.  There is also a small animal/petting zoo park bit, with alpacas and rabbits and the like.

The museum sits in 16 acres of park, so I suspect there are many other parts to it we didn’t see, but it was all beautifully tended and being well used by visitors.

The views across London are stunning.

The museum is a mix of natural history and anthropology. We were hoping to see their star exhibit, which is a huge, stuffed walrus, but he is currently on loan to somewhere in Brighton.

The main museum is free to visit, but they have a small aquarium you have to pay to get into, which we did.  They also have visiting exhibitions which you pay for. The current exhibition is about the Amazon and its people. We paid for that too, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was really interesting, all the exhibits were hands on, and nothing was broken, and they had really thought about making the stuff to do fun so that the children didn’t get bored.

You could shock yourself as if you had touched an electric eel. You could try and lift a 60lb anaconda. You could wrestle with mud fish in huge rubber gloves in the water.  You could dress up as a fish and learn to samba at the Amazon disco.  This was my favourite and I have some particularly fine pictures of the children dancing around with felt fins on their heads.

The Horniman is a place I would happily visit again. It was £18 for a day’s ticket to the aquarium and the exhibition for two adults and three children, and you could upgrade to a year long pass for just over thirty quid, which seemed a real bargain.  The museum is lovely, as is the park, even the building is great.  Highly recommended for a day out.

And go to Canvas and Cream and eat bubble and squeak.

Just because you can.

After we had finished being cultural we were quite tired, so we got on a bus and went to Penge.

One of things the children and I like to do on our holidays is go on unplanned bus journeys. We randomly get on a bus that takes our fancy and go to the end of the line. If we like what’s there when we get off we stay. If we don’t, we get on another bus.

I have always wanted to go to Penge, weirdly.

When I was a kid, Blue Peter always used to feature ball room dancing for children, in the hope we would all turn out to be the fore runners to Strictly.  The children were always from Peggy Spence’s Latin American Ballroom Dance School, which was in Penge.

I have always envisioned Penge as being awash with fake tans, ostrich feathers and sequins.

Sadly, it is full of Iceland and Bob’s 99p shops, and bus drivers who shout at you because you don’t realise it’s the end of the line.

Boo to Penge.

Another dream shattered.

To make up for my distress, we had to have chips on the way home.

I felt a lot better after that.


2 responses to “Boo Holiday 2013 – Day 3 – Food Glorious Food

  1. I, too, have always wanted to visit Penge. My curiosity was tweaked by Rumpole’s references to the Penge Bungalow Murders. I will probably never get there, but now I am content knowing that I am not missing anything too exotic.

  2. No. I have been there so you don’t have to.

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