Boo Holiday 2013 – Day 1 – we eat a lot

Tonight is the first night of our holiday that we’ve actually made it home before dark.  To celebrate I thought I would attempt to blog.

I am weary. My feet are tired and my head is buzzing with hundreds of things we have done, and will do, so I doubt this will be literary gold, but tough. I want to remember my holiday, and I have the brain of a sieve, so it’s going in the archive.

As per usual, I have taken hundreds of pictures, and forgotten to bring the lead that attaches the camera to the lap top, so pictures will follow.

We are staying at the lovely Antonia’s house, she of the excellent Another Blooming Blogspot blog, which is currently on hiatus – more’s the pity.

We are cat fondling while they are away, looking after the tremendously named, Smut and Bongo.

Smut and Bongo seem indifferent to our tender ministrations, and are not proving to be difficult in terms of what they require. Would that all customers were this relaxed about my lackadaisical approach to meal times etc.

The first thing we did on Thursday night, apart from dumping our bags, exploring the house and rifling through another family’s belongings was to go out and eat.

Food – as ever – looms large on the Boo family holiday agenda.  A holiday is not a holiday unless we spend every spare moment poking food into our faces.

We are staying in Stockwell, which is an area of London I don’t know very well.  We are south of the river now, and I am a north of the river Londoner, so it’s all a bit of an adventure.

The thing is. When it’s late, and you’re tired, you don’t always want a bit of adventure when it comes to sniffing out dinner, so we grabbed a bus and headed up to Clapham, which is an area I do know, safe in the knowledge that we would be spoiled for choice food wise.

As I suspected, it was more a question of which one of us was going to make the difficult choice of which one of the myriad restaurants we would eat in.  I ended up with the casting vote, and we went to a Moroccan/Lebanese restaurant on Venn Street, called Kasbah. We love this kind of middle Eastern food, and it’s not always easy to get where we live, so I like to get at least one meal in when we travel to more cosmopolitan climes.

The food was really tasty. The staff were lovely and we cleared our plates.  We had a whole bunch of dishes and everyone shared, because we are greedy.  There was a particularly delicious chicken tagine with green olives and preserved lemons, and the grilled halloumi was so tasty it didn’t even touch the sides as it went down.

We were a bit more relaxed on our trip back, due to having full bellies and knowing that we couldn’t possibly starve to death until at least the morning, so we walked back, making a note of interesting corners to explore at a later date.


2 responses to “Boo Holiday 2013 – Day 1 – we eat a lot

  1. Yay! you’re posting and I can live vicariously through your traipsing 😉 Wishing Yet Another Blooming wasn’t on hiatus, too.

  2. Yes, Antonia must come back. NOW

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