Cracking Trip Gromit


We have had a bonkers couple of days in Bristol.


The very inauspicious start of a hellish drive that lasted four hours thanks to glorious road works for large parts of our journey, turned into the best fun we’ve had all holiday.


We hooked up with our friend Bec, who provided us with a wonderful tour of some of the eighty large Gromit statues which are scattered around the city, and which are going to be auctioned off in September to raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital.


We would love to buy one, but I don’t think our pockets are deep enough.


One of the coolest things about the hunt was the fact that we saw parts of Bristol I’d never visited before, and I’ve been popping down there on and off for about the last twenty years or so.


We also got quite a lot of exercise, which will stand us in good stead for our week in London.  We always rack up the miles when we’re in London, and two days pounding the streets of Bristol has been a good warm up.


We stayed the night with my lovely sister in law Lisa and her partner, Bernard, who may now have to be thrown out of chi chi Clifton where they live, because Bernard and the children dressed up in comedy hats and neon glasses just to go and buy pudding.

I’d love to show you the photo but I think a) Lisa might kill me, and b) Jason would kill me, even if Lisa didn’t.

Have another Gromit picture instead:


I do think it is always the rich who get away with being eccentric though, so hopefully Lisa and Bernard can style it out.


Like so.  The Gromit above was called the Groscar.  Oscar was quite keen, as you can imagine, thinking it had been named after him, not in fact, the Oscar statuette!


This morning we started with a gentle potter round Clifton, without the comedy hats and glasses.

We did see things other than Gromits:


I took some arty photos to prove a) that we did, and b) how posh Clifton is:


Not standard fare in our local green grocers, you can be sure of that:


Even the children were impressed. They made me take this picture of heritage tomatoes.

Then we got back to the serious business of Gromits again.

This is a patchwork Gromit:


After we had oohed and aahed at the poshness we met up with Bec again, and she did some fantastic getaway driver manoeuvres to allow us to go and snap some far flung Gromits, before we lunched with our friend Jo at Cribbs’ Causeway, and did a little more Gromit hunting before heading home.



You can never have enough Gromits.

We found forty six of a possible eighty, which was pretty good going in what was ostensibly a 24 hour period.  Bec has found 73. We are green. Green with envy:


6 responses to “Cracking Trip Gromit

  1. Oooooh, envy!

  2. There was a Mancunian version of this about 10 years ago, the Cow parade, with, erm, cows. There’s a blue cow at our local library. It is not the infamous Cbeebies Storymakers Blue Cow. And it’s not Gromit- I am very jealous.

  3. Love, love, love the Gromits! Back in 2000 we had a similar art display in Toronto of Moose (so Canadian, but not as much fun as Gromit). They had 326 throughout the city, although the numbers have dwindled over time ( A few still remain, including the one for S’s school (

  4. You can buy a Gromit. They’re going to auction them off. I think they should keep them out there, like the moose.

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