And We’re Off…nearly

Today we visited the Emma Bridgewater Factory in Stoke on Trent.

It was the first time I’ve visited in over a year.

I needed to wean myself away from my pottery habit.  Moving house showed me quite how ridiculously out of control I can get when it comes to pots.  The Bridgewater factory would have just been too tempting, and this is the first time I have allowed myself to dip a toe in the waters for a very long time.

I cannot say that I was a paragon of virtue.  I did not emerge unscathed, but I did only buy two half pint mugs and a baby mug, which for me is pretty good going, despite the fact that I need them like a hole in the head. I could easily have filled a basket three times over if I had allowed myself off the leash of self restraint.

As it was, we only stayed for an hour, to meet up with some friends, and drink tea and eat cake, which was lovely.  They went off to paint pottery and do the tour, spying on the new things that will be pouring out of the factory in the next few months.  I was tempted, but I knew that my resolve would not stay firm all day, and I had to get back to the world of packing, and cooking and cleaning, and all the jobs that need doing before you go away.

It’s a good job the factory is not nearer or I would prove myself to be unequal to the struggle on at least a weekly basis.  The only thing that could improve the place for me, would be a strategically placed book shop in the grounds.

And possibly a place to have a snooze.

The weather was vile, and my only regret was that the huge Aga in the cafe was not lit, so huddle round it though we did, my feet were still freezing by the time we left.  Summer has now left us far behind.  At least for the moment.

My flip flops sneered at me.

The rest of the day was spent finishing chores, making sure everything is ship shape.  We are off to Bristol tomorrow for two days, visiting my sister in law and meeting up with more lovely friends to go Gromit hunting.  I hope to be able to bring back evidence of having found Gromits aplenty.

On Thursday we go to London for our annual sojourn.  We are all very excited at the prospect, and have, as per usual, packed our days to the brim with things to do and people to meet up with.

As with the pottery situation, I have been very restrained in my London jaunting this year.  I try not to think about it, because although I have enough pottery to assuage any pangs I might have vis a vis the world of ceramics, I can never have enough London, and when I allow myself to dwell on it I do miss it something awful.

Still, a week is a good long while to get a fix.

Blogging may be sporadic.  Life is about to pick up speed again.

2 responses to “And We’re Off…nearly

  1. YAY Gromits! Please take lots of photos.

  2. duly done.

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