Be careful what you wish for

On the way back from Hairy Farmer’s this evening, we had to pop to the supermarket to pick up Jason’s suits from the dry cleaners.

As we were walking back through the car park, Tallulah said:

‘Mama. Can ladies have beards?’

Me: ‘Yes, sometimes.’

Tallulah (thoughtfully): ‘I don’t know why more women don’t have beards.’

Me: ‘Because they don’t want to be seen as freakish bearded ladies maybe?’

Tallulah: ‘No. That can’t be it. Beards are cool.’

Me (under my breath): ‘Try telling that to the post menopausal generation.’

Tallulah: ‘I really want to grow a beard. I hope I don’t have to wait long.’

Me: ‘It usually happens later in life I’m afraid.’

Tallulah (crestfallen): ‘Oh dear!’

Oscar pipes up: ‘I’m going to pray to God that I can have a beard and a moustache.’

Tallulah: ‘But men have them anyway. I should be the one praying.’

Oscar (nods wisely): ‘Yes. That’s true.’

Tallulah: ‘I really hope I get a beard and a moustache because they are just so cool, and I will totally style mine out, and it will be excellent, and I will make ladies beards come back into fashion.’

Oscar (enthusiastically): ‘You could have one like daddy’s.  Daddy’s is really cool. His beard and moustache all join up together.’

Tallulah (nods emphatically): ‘Yes. That is called a meard.  I wish I had a meard.’

Oscar (wistfully): ‘Me too.  One day we will Tallulah.’

Tallulah (equally wistfully): ‘Oh yes Oscar, we will.’

4 responses to “Be careful what you wish for

  1. Oh lord, I think I love her. But, seriously, you need to start a fund for her laser hair removal for when she gets to my age.

  2. oh, how i wish i could give her mine!

  3. We will club together and she can have a luxurious full beard made of all of ours.

  4. i reread this today, i needed a bit of a chuckle… i am picturing their wistful little faces and the tears are running down my cheeks. from hilarity.

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