Be of Good Cheer

It’s proper stormy in these parts.

I started with a migraine yesterday evening. It was weather related.

Yes. I am that sad. I can now distinguish between different types of the migraine that plague me.

This one, much like the piece of seaweed they use outside the National Weather Centre, forecast storms up ahead.

And it wasn’t wrong.

I was able to get rid of the migraine by the fortuitous use of throwing lots of drugs at it, until it gave up and went away, sulking.

In the case of the storm, I was not so lucky.

My headache shifted by about 1.00 a.m., by which time I was more than ready for bed.

At three, I was woken by lightning, belting across the giant window that makes up one wall of our bedroom, and then an ear splitting boom shortly thereafter, as Thor landed on our roof and proceeded to stomp about with his boots on for several hours.

I dozed, on and off, through this great spectacle of nature. The thunder wasn’t so bad. I probably could have slept through that. But the lightning was evil, and repetitive.  It was a bit like being trapped in a really crap disco.

It’s a good job I wasn’t doing anything more strenuous than entertaining friends at home today.

The weather is just vile. It thundered and poured with rain till lunch time, then the weather got hotter and steamier and hotter and steamier until now it’s as if there was no rain at all, and all the ants have come out to play.

As I slump into  a sleep deprived coma, they will probably pick my bones clean by morning.


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