Laundry and zombies

A day of domestic bliss.

This has resulted in a clean house, lots of laundry baking dry on the line, full bellies and full store cupboards.

My slow cooker came up trumps again with peppered beef stew, on what has to have been one of the hottest days of the year so far.

I have always been ahead of the curve.  It turns out that this also applies to  food as well as everything else.  I am a curving, time traveller type space dude.

Or something.

It will be salad Nicoise and Mr. Whippy in December for us, and like it.

In between putting my house in order, literally and metaphorically, I am fully pursuing my plan of dozing and reading.  There is no point in mentioning the eating. There is always the eating.

Jason is home, and as far as we know, does not have to jet off to foreign climes for at least two weeks.

This, of course, may change, and there is talk of him having to go to Moscow.

I am agog.

While he is not going to Moscow, he is crouched behind a large cupboard in the living room, sweating and cursing like a navvy.

This is, apparently, how one wires in media p.c. thingies to cinema screen jobbies.

Being a total technophobe I have kept well out of it, and only come to nod in approval as he shows me something that is ‘good’, or wince sympathetically when he tuts over something ‘bad’.  I do not tell him that I have no idea what the difference is, and I just hope it means that there will be less boxes of bloody cables festooning my house.

Derek tried to eat some cabling earlier.

She was quite partial to it as a kitten, and obviously had a fierce burst of nostalgia for it, as she tried to relive her youth by snacking on a snaky white bit that was poking enticingly out from behind a chair.

She soon spat it out.

Cabling is not what it used to be.

Much like the Curly Wurly.

The children have found themselves rather adrift for large parts of the day, when I have not forced them into slave labour.  Oscar and Tallulah are the most bored, and have spent the day begging us to let them go on Mine Craft on the X Box instead of going out in the sunshine.

We are evil parents.

Tilly has been planning a film she intends to make about zombies.  The children perked up this evening when she decided to cast them in it.  She had previously given up on live actors after the giant Romeo and Juliet fiasco of 2011, when Oscar refused to die on the landing because he wanted to keep fighting, and they both refused to do kissing because it was girly.

She has been using stop motion a lot since then, but apparently it cuts no ice with zombies, so it is back to the children as jobbing actors.  They certainly seem more thrilled to be zombies than they did Romeo and Juliet, so it might actually get made without blood shed.

Then again.


2 responses to “Laundry and zombies

  1. That all sounds so much more enjoyable than the frantic activity of the past few weeks! Long may it continue or, even better, be improved by the completion of the wiring mayhem. I’m sure Jason would love some free time to join the crew of the Zombie Boo Extravaganza 🙂

  2. Bloody fucking Minecraft, that’s what I say. Scourge of the parental bubble. I spend all day like a sheepdog, herding my son away from either his kindle (with a Minecraft app), the XBox (with a Minecraft download) or the computer (to watch OTHER people playing sodding Minecraft).

    Give me strength.

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