Filling my belly

Life has been intensely lively recently, and we have been living our domestic life from moment to moment, with very little forethought or time to plan anything.  I have done nothing but the bare minimum to  get us through the days, with all my attention being poured into other things.

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t have to do anything after school except come home for weeks. It was quite novel. I had many plans, all of which went to the wall, as I fell asleep and then kept on falling asleep until I gave up and went to bed.

Sleep is tremendous. It’s mostly all I want to do – except eat. Eating is good.

Today I had a proper day off, for the first time in what seems like forever.

I did the school run, but not much else.

I went shopping.  My friend was coming for a picnic lunch and pickings in our fridge were meagre, and in some cases downright scary, so I went to the supermarket.

I had a lovely time.  Picnic style food is one of my favourite things to eat, and shopping for food I like, without the children, is a pretty fun thing to do in my opinion.

I spent a disgustingly lavish amount of money on olives, and salami, cheese and crusty bread, asssorted sushi and other things that made my mouth water and my stomach rumble.

I do love food, and in the last few weeks, as we’ve been so busy, I’ve spent a lot of time rushing meals and cooking food because it is quick rather than because I really wanted to eat it.  Today I shopped and ate in a leisurely fashion.

We had a great picnic lunch, with the kitchen doors flung wide open and the sunshine streaming in.  It felt very decadent.

Today I also opened my new slow cooker to have a play, and sausage casserole has been bubbling away since seven o’clock this morning.  It’s not really a summery thing to eat, but it was all I had to hand ingredient wise, so we will make do.

In a moment I’m going to marinade some pork ready for tomorrow, when we shall celebrate the end of term by having pork vindaloo, also in the slow cooker.  I’m already salivating, thinking about it.

I intend to spend the holidays doing more of the above, cooking, eating, sleeping, reading, and visiting friends who are willing to aid and abet me in the cooking, eating, sleeping thing.


2 responses to “Filling my belly

  1. Time to unwind and enjoy 🙂

    I love my slow cooker too. It gets quite a workout during the winter months especially. There’s something very comforting in the smell of dinner quietly bubbling away when all is cold and gloomy outside. Pork and beans is one of our favourite slow cooker meals.

    • it’s absolutely baking here Sharon, but I am having such fun experimenting with it, and I’ve never been one for terribly seasonal eating, so it’s all good. We had peppered beef stew today. Mmmm.

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