Bag it up

Today, one of the children in school gave me a fleeting hug in passing. I was stacking something on a book shelf at the time.  It was a sort of drive by hugging.

Which is infinitely better than a drive by mugging.

This child is not known for his hugging.  It took me rather by surprise.

I thanked him for his hug.

He stopped to chat.

Out of nowhere he said: ‘I did a bin bag day once.’

To which I replied: ‘Oh!’

Because really, what else is there to say?

I extrapolated that a bin bag day was some event in which one was required to dress in a bin bag for some reason best known to other people.

He said: ‘I had to wear a lilac bin bag.’

To which I replied: ‘Oh!’

I did not even know that you could get lilac bin bags.  I am clearly a philistine of the bin bag world.  Mostly I thought they came in black or green, or that nasty yellow colour that pedal bin bags sometimes sport.

He frowned, and continued: ‘It smelled of lavender.’

Again: ‘Oh!’

He said: ‘It was a bit stressful.’

I said: ‘I can only imagine.’

Small boys wearing lilac bin bags that smell of lavender, even on bin bag days are sailing close to the wind with their peers frankly, in the asking for a kicking stakes.

He said: ‘I was quite embarrassed.’

We both stood there, looking quite glum, imagining the horrors of his experience.

As the adult I felt I had to try and redeem the situation.  I said: ‘I bet, because you are so cool, you totally styled it out though, right?’

He looked at me, and smiled a huge smile and said: ‘Yeah! Totally.’

Then he patted me on the arm kindly and said: ‘You know. Your shirt sort of reminds me of a bin bag.  You could totally wear that on a bin bag day.’

And walked off, happy as Larry, as I watched his retreating back and said: ‘Oh!’

Because really, what else is there to say?

8 responses to “Bag it up

  1. Well at least you know what to wear for the next bin bag day that pops up in your diary 😉

  2. And, you’ll be so cool you totally style it 🙂

  3. Quite. Bless the little fella. I have been looking at your fab pictures….what a lovely new home…..makes me want to move house…sigh.

  4. What a lovely lady you are after the little lad told you his most “worst secret” you made him feel better he paid you the “bestest “compliment he could think of.

  5. You have been missed. I am glad to know you are not literally wearing bin bags and that your move is done and over with and you are in your very own home. I am deeply envious of your gorgeous kitchen and would quite like to bathe on a plinth. I am intrigued to know what changes Tallulah will bring about for the RCs and quite agree that Oscar in a towel is best kept off the internet.
    Mostly I love seeing all your books out. That always feels like home to me. xx

  6. Really missed you these days !
    I believe this is the longest you have gone with out blogging. Hope all is well.
    Come back and blog soon…. my coffee/ tea is no fun without your daily dosage 🙂

  7. watchingthewheels

    Hello – are you there? Are you ok?

  8. Getting worried. Hope all well.

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