Derek is Baaaack

Obviously many amazing things have happened in the world since I left it to enter monastic seclusion at Boo Mansions. We must talk about the Pope for instance. It is, as you can imagine in our multi faith, hotly debating household, a topic of great interest to us all, and much has been said, particularly by the children, on this topic.

It bears repeating.

But that will have to wait.

We must speak of Derek.

Derek has had a rather traumatic week in her very short and already fur raising life.

You know that since we rescued her from a ditch and then made her have her lady bits taken out, and forced her to wear a giant plastic cone on her head, that she is not unknown to tragedy.

It has been nothing. NOTHING, compared to the horror of moving house.

We thought about it every which way, when we knew we were moving, but we simply could not find a solution where Derek would sail through the choppy waters of moving in a calm manner. In the end we went with leaving her at the old house for as long as possible in the hope that it would be familiar enough not to freak her out entirely.

We had to shut her in the bathroom on day one, as the men who were packing us up were all over the house like ants, and we had visions of Derek underfoot and everyone dying in a heap of fur and guts.

She did not like this at all, as you can imagine.  I did take her out for a small tour of the house so she could see why we were shutting her in the bathroom.

It did not help.

On the second day they needed to clear the bathroom, so we put her in Tilly’s room.

This did not help either.

Then, when the removal men had gone, and most of the boxes had been delivered to our new house, we went and got her.

She sat on my lap, wrapped in a blanket, looking most unimpressed.  Mainly because every time I put her in the car we go to the V E T, so she was already expecting the worst.  Then we just kept driving and driving, and she didn’t like the traffic lights because they were too bright and they LOOMED.

Every time one came up she wailed.

It was awful.

She hated the house for the first two days, and spent most of her time squashing herself between boxes, squeaking piteously.

Then she decided that we weren’t going to leave her, and the men with big stompy boots weren’t coming back and she began to relax.

Now it is her palace.

She absolutely loves it.

She loves the fact that it is pretty much open plan downstairs, and there are loads of shiny floors to whiz about on.

The huge bank of windows down the dining room wall give her Derek Cinemascope to the fat wood pigeons and woodpeckers beyond, and it is all very thrilling.

She went outside today with the children, to explore the garden, which is a mess.  She skittered along fence tops and galloped through the grass and had the time of her life.

I am glad she likes it. She’s going to be here a long, long time.



This is Derek’s favourite view out of the windows.

17 responses to “Derek is Baaaack

  1. I’ve blogged-stalked you for a while now. You make me roar with laughter. Your open-planned kitchen looks lovely, it really does. But is the fridge going to stay there? I must know!

    • No it’s not! It’s just there waiting for someone to give it a new home. I love it, but we have no room for it as there was an integrated fridge freezer here already. Will be sad to see it go, but no reason to keep it.

  2. Adore the kitchen! Such a lovely space with a view to the garden. Have to say I love the fridge as well – so cute. I see from your comment above that you will be sending it on. In Canada such a thing would not occur – it would be relegated to the basement or utility room to become the ‘beer fridge’ (then when you have multiple teens it would hold teen-type drinks, also not excluding beer). Beer fridges see much action on “Hockey Night in Canada’ evenings.
    As you can see I am home sick currently – both for having my own kitchen and for the great white north. I am so glad for you to have found a wonderful home.

    • Sonya, I wish we had room to keep it. I have lobbied for a basement, but we would need to dig it for ourselves. I am sorry you are homesick. xx

  3. Derek is indeed a lucky feline to have such a kitchen and such a back yard. Glad she has adjusted well.

  4. ooh, lovely looking kitchen.

  5. Ahh – another little peek, very nice!

  6. Cor, that kitchen looks lovely!!a

  7. So, so, jealous. Skylights!

  8. You know… I was also thinking “..that fridge will have to move…”

  9. Nice kitchen. It looks like an extension plus removal of old wall type layout (which I love). We almost did the same thing but suspected the whole house would fall over if we took away that many original walls – regardless of the amount of steel we added.

    Much better to buy somewhere that has had all the worry and dust taken care of.

  10. Yes! I would not undertake it myself, but am glad someone else did it for us.

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