Oscar Writes Again

I was going to write this blog about the wonderful gift I got Jason for his birthday.  Then I was going to write about my new blogging project. Then I was going to write about how efficient I have been today.

That all changed when Oscar’s teacher sent him to see me in school today.  He was bearing a piece of writing that he had done.

You know I can’t resist Oscar’s writing.  It is a winning combination of his wonderful imagination plus his delicious, medieval spelling that just melts my heart.

As his teacher says of his writing: ‘He is already beginning to find his voice’.

I thought you might like to see what he wrote.

Today Oscar’s class visited our local Anglican church, and did a kind of churchtastic I spy game.  When they returned to school they had to write about what they had seen.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin:

Our Church Visit

I saw three crosis. My fayfrut one was a hyooj one at the frunt that glitered like a star agenst the staynd glas windo.  

The golden eegl shighnd light efree wair.


8 responses to “Oscar Writes Again

  1. I’m only familiar with Chaucer, and Oscar’s spelling is certainly like Geoff’s, encompassing the whole scene in his lyrical way. I’m dazzled and I hope you keep these, Katyboo.

  2. “The golden eegl shighnd light efree wair.” – I just love that. It needs to be the name of a blog. Or a book.

  3. I seriously can’t wait for Oscar to grow up so I can buy his books!

  4. Wonderful, Molesworth lives!

  5. “hyooj” … brilliant.

  6. Dawn Angela Taylor

    I am right there, in church, feeling his enthusiasm and joy! How I would have loved to have Oscar in my class! X X

  7. I love Oscar spelling. He spells like I do or should that be I spell like he does……

  8. That is truly awesome.

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