House Progress

Monumental things have been happening at our new house.

My oven is now fixed and clean.

The builder has started work and is putting up walls and levelling floors.  The heating engineer is coming to put in a new boiler and sort out all the heating on Monday.  In the same week we have a carpenter, a painter and an electrician coming round.

And at the end of the week we are moving house, after which I have about four days to clean this one in the vain hope we might redeem some of our deposit.

I’m still in total denial about all of it, if truth be told.

This evening I had many plans to sort and order and get things straight to ready myself for all these events.

One of these things included getting an early night, ready for a ridiculously busy weekend ahead.

Instead of any of these things happening I spent the evening watching telly and eating biscuits.

It was wonderful.

If not entirely productive.

My brain is so full of things it feels like my head is constipated.  Hence the lack of blogging.

Maybe tomorrow.

2 responses to “House Progress

  1. TV and biscuits was probably just what you and the overactive brain needed 🙂

  2. Yes! They were perfect. x

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