Be of Good Cheer

Today has been a better day.

My headache lingered for most of the day, but had gone down from red alert ‘whoop whoop’ migraine spectacular to amber alert ‘smash pound’ someone taking an ice pick to the front right side of my face.  This sounds bad, but it is better than vomiting into my shoe while simultaneously wetting my pants and praying for death.

So, you know, all good.

And this evening I have had no headache at all.  Yay!

I have, in the manner of post migraine come downs everywhere, spent the day also feeling hungover, and thus making ridiculous food choices, hence my almost constant diet of crisps, chocolate, cake, biscuits, cake, chocolate and coffee.  If it weren’t for the fact that my lovely mama cooked me a proper dinner I would be sustained by the power of sugar and caffeine alone.

As it is, it is now half past twelve, and I am still buzzing about like a hyperactive blue bottle, while everyone else has given up and gone to bed.

I am too buzzy and overtired to make any sense at all, but I thought it might be nice to have an optimistic post to replace the doom mongering of yesterday.

More detail to follow but please note:

The house is still in one piece and we are now secure with our own set of keys.

Jason’s birthday dinner went very well despite the fact that I did burn a bit of steak, and the potatoes were a bit al dente, and the cake was a bit sunken, but altogether it was delicious in parts, and he loved his presents.  More of which anon.

The children’s spoof James Bond film was a triumph and crowned the evening perfectly.

We are loving the Great British Bake Off Celebrity Comic Relief programmes.  We haven’t finished watching them yet, and I have decided that I will blog about them all in one go rather than one by one, but I have much to say, and I will say it. Also anon.

The woman in SpecSavers looked at me ‘in that way’ when I had to go in and fill in the form about ‘glasses lost in snowball fight’ today, but new glasses will be forthcoming, and I looked back at her in that way that said: ‘If I were telling a lie about this it would have been way more convincing than that, so just back off lady’.

I had a very lovely meeting this afternoon with more coffee and buns (and people), and I am hoping great things will come out of it for the school, and I am feeling happy.  This could be the delirious after effect of sugar and caffeine, but I am choosing to believe that it wasn’t.

Today was one of those days at school where the children were all funny and delightful and clever, and I love them, and it was all good, and makes up for the days when I scrub sick off of the carpet and wonder about my career choices.

Andrea came round this evening, and I have not seen her for ages, and it was fab to see her, and we talked about everything from Frances Howard to Pugin to Marie Stopes to radiator keys, and it was excellent.

3 responses to “Be of Good Cheer

  1. Definitely an improvement on yesterday 🙂

  2. nice to hear your almost human again 🙂

  3. 🙂 xx

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