Home Ownership

I have been AWOL and I know that there are GBBO episodes to talk about, and fun things to discuss, but today’s post is being brought to you by Mardy Arse Inc.

You have been warned.

We got the keys to our new house on Monday.

This should be a cause for celebration, but in our usual fashion, everything was right royally buggered up, and it was the single most stressful day of the entire house buying process so far. With a feather in its cap.

I shall not go into the gory details now, but by the time we had finally managed to actually gain access to our house, which we had owned for several hours by then, it was half past seven at night and we were all bone weary, sad and aggravated beyond belief.

We were also more financially ruined than we imagined, and our imaginations are pretty good, due to an extremely pointless mess up over financial transactions which is too dull and frustrating to go into here, but which was just about the icing on the cake.

It was not really how we had imagined things going if I am honest.

Since then Jason has had to make endless visits to the house, in the snow and ice, to sort out various problems, some we knew about before we took possession, others of which are coming as something of a surprise.

I am not going because I am a wuss, and driving around in this weather is not my forte, and because I really can’t be a huge amount of help when it comes to things like talking about loft insulation and where the wiring for the stereo might go, and the difference between partition walls here, and bifold doors there etc.

I can do it if I have to, but he is genuinely enthusiastic about such things. I am merely tolerant of them.

It is wearing and grim, for the most part.

Yesterday, after going to the house to meet a locksmith and finding some leaks we didn’t know about, Jason came home hating the house. I don’t blame him to be honest, but I was sad.

He had to go again later because a lovely friend of ours had agreed to go over it with him and start making plans for various things he wants to do.  He went out with a face like thunder, and came back cautiously optimistic and full of ideas, and having fixed the leaks (probably). I am delighted.  I hope his optimism lasts, and then rubs off on me.

It will be better, we know that.  The weather is not helping, and the fact that we are not yet moved in.  It feels like we have custody of the house rather than ownership, and this will change.

And underneath all the woe, we know it is a great house, and it will be our home.

And given all the obstacles we have faced, it is a miracle that we have got this far with our sanity intact, frankly.

It just seems this week that this feeling of being at home is but a distant dream.

The weather is lousy.  School was open yesterday, but the drive there was hair raising and stressful.  The children had a wonderful time, because the school had rather splendidly amended the time table so the entire day was based around snow themed lessons.  They measured snow, they stared at snow, they talked about snow, and most importantly they went out in the snow.

All afternoon the entire school took possession of the school field and made a snow zoo.

It was a stroke of genius, and one of those days you know the children will remember as being one of their best school days ever.

Tilly’s day was slightly more decorous, although it turns out that she lost her glasses in a huge snow ball fight that ensued as she was waiting for me to pick her up from school.  We didn’t discover this until eight o’clock last night, and I have had to call Specsavers this morning.

They are going to save the day, but I have to go in tomorrow to sign some paperwork to say that I know my daughter is a fool, and they will give us some more glasses within the week.

It snowed again in the night, and the roads on our estate were not fun when I woke up.  I was feeling fragile, and ill, on my second day of a blinding headache (period related this time), and my inner Stig totally deserted me when faced with having to brave the driving conditions again.

I rang the schools and pleaded crapness of the highest order.  I felt like such a wuss until my headache turned into a migraine and I had to retire to bed.  Then I was glad that I hadn’t driven all the way to school only to have to come back again to take to the CLD (TM).

I then ran out of drugs, and my mum and dad had to come to the rescue.  Luckily, by the time they got to me, the roads were in much better condition, otherwise the weight of my guilt would have probably killed me.

They took the children away for a few hours, and I have recuperated sufficiently to make a total balls up of Jason’s birthday cake.

Yes, it is his birthday today.  He is spending it at work, and then driving through the snow to our new house to see a man about a boiler.  Then, when he gets home I am going to cook him steak (which if current conditions prevail, I will probably burn) and present him with a sunken chocolate birthday cake.

I have made this cake tens of times before and it has always been splendid. Today it was not.

And now it is snowing again, and the flakes are huge, and it is coming down hard.

To say that it has been a difficult week would be a gigantic understatement frankly.  It will pass, and good things will and have already come out of it, but slogging through it is proving to be something of a chore.  I am doing it, one step at a time, and trying to count my blessings.  There is much to be grateful for I know.  It’s just that most of it seems to be buried in the snow right now.




16 responses to “Home Ownership

  1. Oh lovey, I’m so sorry. I have extremely high hopes that everything will come out in the wash, given time. The house will be sorted, the snow will melt, Tilly will get glasses and one day you will be better. All manner of things shall be well.

  2. I will reserve congratulations until you actually feel like celebrating … but I just had to say, the snow zoo idea sounds wonderful!!

  3. You own a new home…it just hasn’t unwrapped itself to you yet….but in time you will be in it and comfortable and living and loving in it….how wonderful…….patience and persistence (and drugs for the poorliness) will help….so chin up. x ps happy birthday Jason…enjoy the steak’n’cake.

  4. I know I shouldn’t laugh about Tilly’s glasses, but it was quite funny thinking she lost her glasses in a snow ball fight. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better 🙂

  5. Yes, and breathe. Houses – the first day we officially owned this one I walked in and burst into tears, much to Rick’s horror. Now, well now I love it beyond compare and am trying to think of ways to increase the space so I never have to move again 🙂
    It takes time, being ill doesn’t help, boilers, leaks, and especially snow really doesn’t help. Nor does financial outlay over and above the heart wrenching amounts you’ve already paid. But, but, but, it’ll be lovely, all your china and pictures will be out and you can revel in their loveliness.
    And the cake will taste yum and so will the steak and Jason will be happy. All will be well.

  6. Aawh bless you, many congratulations to himself and much love and luck in your new home xxxx

  7. Happy Birthday Jason! It will be ok, you know. Feeling poorly and this horrible weather make everything seem impossible. And don’t you dare burn that steak…

  8. We have bought and sold houses four times over the course of our marriage, and I can testify that the process is one of the most traumatic that a modern human being can experience. Our first house was built in 1908, and – as you can imagine – things needed ‘updating’ fairly often. I felt like I lived in a construction site for most of the time we lived there. I know it seems awful right now, but I’m sure that, once the clouds clear, you’ll be thrilled with your new house. Feel better and happy birthday to Jason! x

  9. Gallons of e-tea and hot sympathy. And what should be at least five greetings telegrams: MANY HAPPIES TO JASON STOP GET WELL SOONEST STOP GOOD LUCK IN YOUR NEW ABODE STOP HAPPY SNOWDAY STOP CONGRATULATIONS WHAT A WEEK STOP

  10. It will get better. Jason (Happy Birthday to you) will overcome the problems with the house and you will have a lovely new home. The snow will go (it can’t be 1963 again surely) and Spring will come and every little thing’s gonna be ok . . . eventually 🙂

    In the meantime, have you made that GP appointment? Going in the full flow of shark week in all its nefarious glories could be a very good move.


  11. January can be so bleak – not a brilliant time to move house, but all WILL be well, as you rightly point out. This too, shall pass. I love that. And you have looked forward to this for so long there was no way it was going to live up to expectations, things just don’t. C’est la vie.

    Give me a minute and I’m sure I can come up with more unhelpful and meaningful platitudes.

  12. yep – here it comes – a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

    I’ll leave it there.

  13. First, happy birthday to Jason and I’m sure he loved the cake, even if it fell. Second, as everyone else has said, everything will eventually work itself out and be just fine. You will even be in your lovely new home one day soon – and the snow will melt, I promise!

  14. Moving is the pits. When we were first married we moved 26 times in 19 years. In 1983 we moved 3 times one of which was from Hong Kong. We are better packers than Pickfords !! Make up the beds before you do anything else.

  15. Congratulations!(?) I felt much the same when we bought our house 1.5 yr ago. By the time we moved in I hated the sight of it. So many expensive issues we had not known about. But after some big projects and finally being vermin free I am warming up to the house, maybe by this time next year I will actually prefer it. Good luck with whatever repairs are needed and the move, I hope once you are settled in you will be happy with it.

  16. Thank you guys. xx

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