more illness – please feel free to pass go

Today, a migraine.

Tomorrow, probably not the world.

I woke at six this morning with a pounding head, incredibly sore teeth, where I had obviously been stress grinding, and a clenched jaw.

I crashed about in my bedside drawers, unearthed some Nurofen and tried to get back to sleep.

Twenty minutes later, swirls of nausea started washing up from my belly, and I realised it wasn’t going to be a common or garden headache.

I excavated the drawers some more to find my anti emetics, which I promptly took.

By the time the alarm went off I was deep in the throes of trying not to vomit, so that I could keep my anti emetic down long enough for it to take effect.

My head was still pounding, and generally, I felt like I was going to die.

Jason took the children to school, bless him.

I lay there thinking cheering thoughts about whether the top of my head would come off first, or whether my skull would split before it got to that point.  I had, by this time, taken my killer pills, which also weren’t making any difference.

By ten thirty I had the sweats and the shakes.

Even though it was absolutely freezing I had to open the bedroom window, because when I was too hot, the sickness came back. Then when I had cooled down I would teeth chatteringly slide under the covers again until the hot sweats made me break cover once more.

I was not sick, but I did lose the contents of my stomach in other, equally unpleasant ways, as my body protested violently and emptied itself out in preparation for death.

I finally surfaced at quarter to three, still feeling like crap, but able to walk about and function – ish.

I pensionered about the place for a bit, getting my sea legs, and remembering things like how to breathe and walk and take small sips of comforting drinks.

My head finally stopped hurting at about fourish, by which time I was ravenous, albeit still slightly queasy.  This, I think is possibly the worst state of affairs for a digestive system to be in, and it threw me into a petulant snit.  It also reminded me quite violently why, even though I am prone to broodiness at the moment, I definitely do not want more children.  During pregnancy I feel like this for forty weeks, in Tallulah’s case, forty two, as she outstayed her welcome quite a bit.

It is devoutly not to be wished.

I decided to attempt to make dinner, and see how it went.

I cooked The Hairy Dieters meatballs in tomato sauce, which we had with angel hair pasta.



It was delicious enough to conquer nausea, and by the time I’d finished it I felt distinctly more chipper.

So hoorah, and huzzah and other things ending in ah.

A happy ending after all.

And yes, I am going to the doctors. I will. I promise. Next week.


8 responses to “more illness – please feel free to pass go

  1. Perhaps it would be worth throwing the assorted killer pills at any headache that wakes you up as it seems to me that these frequently turn into migraines . . . Also have you tried keeping a diary of headaches (various)/periods/stress triggers/food intakes/cravings to see what patterns emerge? I know that the migraines are probably hormone related but there may be other combinations a work too.

    • Sharon, their side effects are rather iffy if I take them too often, and I’m worried that if I do that, they won’t give me any more for when I really do need them. They’re a kind of last resort.

      Am sort of keeping my eye on the food stuffs, and have been altering my diet to note changes. It is fair to say that wheat does not agree with me. It is also fair to say that it has been a killer week stress wise and I am 100% sure that’s what this headache was.

      Roll on February when we will be moved in.

  2. You write so eloquently about migraines that I live in perpetual fear of ever having one. Or catching them from strangers in the street.
    Sending telepathic waves of sympathy. I hope they don’t scramble your shredded receptors,

    • Thank you for the sympathy. Obviously working. Feeling far less ruffled, although that could also be the soothing effect of an apricot danish.

  3. When I was having the sick headaches I always felt two stupidly contradictory things when I got out the other side – euphoric at being hungry and feeling better, and insulted that I’d had to go through all that to get there. Good luck with the doctor!

  4. I am glad about a number of things here….and bear with me ‘cos I know one of them sounds mad…but…….you have drugs to make you feel better…….yay….but it occured to me that many years ago (imagine The Scarlett Letter times of olde) you may have been drowned as a witch for your behaviour…….raging headaches/sick/hungry/vomiting/falling asleep/ etc., etc.,……………………….those poor women….probably all just menopausal or headachy…………………………………

  5. Yes, the drugs are wonderful and I am very, very glad that I was born when I was, because burning would have been an option in my case I feel!

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