The Long Day Closeth

I am a little tired today.

We have had snow, and snow on snow.  Then we had thaw.  Now we have freeze.

Despite the snow we have also had school.  The main roads were clear.  The ones on our estate were a bit skating rink like, as were the ones by the school, but I glided around with no ill effects to speak of.

It is freezing solid now and the road outside is sparkling like glass.  I am not confident about tomorrow.

I am just not thinking about it.

In the meantime:

I am still nit combing.

I am feeling Mariana of the Moated Grange about this – aweary.

And this evening I have also washed, cooked, cleaned, laundered, home worked, read stories and finally sat down at eight o’clock.

Where despite the fact that things are piling up again on the book review front, and school reading front, I lolled in front of the telly for three hours and really pushed the boat out by eating a Finger of Fudge, which I stole out of one of the children’s selection boxes left over from Christmas.

I think I’ve covered several of the Seven Deadly Sins there, all in one fell swoop.

Naturally this means karma has been kicked into touch.

I just came through into the kitchen to tidy up before bed, only to find that there was acres more wet washing to put out, more dirty laundry festooned about upstairs in a celebratory style which I found when I went up to check on the children, more pots in the lounge when I went in to turn the light off, and then, when I ran the water in the sink in the kitchen, water cascaded out of the cupboard underneath all over my feet.

I had visions of burst pipes, but no, it was just the U bend coming unstuck and randomly disconnecting itself. I have no idea why this happened, but I found the effect of cold water all over my feet rather invigorating.

It has woken me up.

Which is a good job, as I have had to empty out the cupboards, mop up all the water, dry everything off, and restock the cupboard.

And the cat took exception to some spice that I used to prepare dinner earlier, smelled it on my fingers and then tried to alternately lick/attack me, before bushing out her tail and leaping from the table in a fit of pique.  I am not sure what it is she reacted to, but I haven’t got the nerve to unscrew the spice jars one by one until we find out, in case she goes mental and starts frothing at the mouth.

I am hoping for a less injurious day tomorrow.

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