Alice Pyne

Alice Pyne was a young lady who made the news the year before last because of her bucket list.

Alice was dying, you see, she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and it was incurable.

When she knew that she was dying, she made a bucket list, and started a blog to record the things she had achieved.

Her blog, thanks to the power of Twitter, went viral pretty quickly, and her story made all the national newspapers.

At the time she started the blog, doctor’s estimated that she had two or three months to live at best.

She defied them all.

You can read her blog by clicking on this link, here.

Alice had all kinds of things on her wish list that any regular sixteen year old would have, things like having a massage, attending her prom, going whale watching etc.

But her bucket list was also quite special in that it wasn’t all about her.

Alice’s main wish was to get everyone who could to sign the bone marrow register, so that people like her could find a bone marrow donor and be cured.

It was a pretty amazing wish.

Thanks to her, thousands more people have signed up to become marrow donors.

Thanks to her, the issue of bone marrow donation has become a high profile topic in the media.

If you live in Britain you can find out how to register as a donor here.

Thanks to her, the age that people can become marrow donors has now been dropped to sixteen so that more people can become donors.

Thanks to her there is now a charity called Alice’s Escapes which provides holidays for families who have terminally ill children so that they can have as much normality as possible, and which caters specifically for such families so that they can actually feel that they have had a real holiday.

You can donate to the charity by following the instructions on their website, if you want to help.

Thanks to her, lives will be saved.

Sadly, not her own.

Alice passed away today.

I had the great privilege to meet her once. She was a big fan of Emma Bridgewater pottery, and I bumped into her last summer at one of the Bridgewater collector’s days.  I vaguely recall saying something inane, but I did tell her that she was an inspiration, and that she was wonderful.

She was, and she is.

Rest in peace, Alice.


2 responses to “Alice Pyne

  1. it’s true … we should live each day as if it was, well, maybe not your last, but that the last is coming very soon. i shall take her life as an example.

  2. Her motto was: ‘One Life…Live It.’

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