We are face down in nits again Chez Boo.

Matilda had been at school for two whole days before she complained of being itchy.

And lo, it came to pass.

And that she had rubbed heads with Tallulah, who had got them too.





If I ever have one of those illnesses where I go doolalley and people come and visit me and find that I am stuck in the past, doing some repetitive task that I feel compelled to do, even though it bears no relevance to my current life, it will be nit combing.

I will wander around the ward/home with my imaginary comb, scraping at strangers’ hair and picking at them with teeny, monkey fingers, all the while reeking of tea tree oil and gibbering quietly.

Two pieces of good news though.

One – we exchanged contracts for our house today.

Two – I got a fantastic moustache:


18 responses to “Twirling

  1. Boo hiss to the nits. Have you already applied the clippers to Oscar’s hair as a preventative measure? And ‘imaginary comb’ surely, even imaginary homes would be very difficult to wield . . .

    Incredibly loud cheering re house – and an enormous sigh of relief as I uncross all digits!

    If you wore your moustache the other way up and put on your top hat, you could be a circus ringmaster 😉

  2. I don’t know if they have this in the UK, but in the US, there are actually delousing companies – they send a team out to do all the nit combing and laundry and stuffed-animal disinfecting and house-sanitizing and essentially all of the nightmarish tasks that go along with children and nits. Whoever dreamed that up was an incredibly resourceful person. A good friend of mine with 2 nit-prone daughters used to have what she called her ‘lice voice.’ That’s the very quiet, strained voice one uses when one is struggling not to go batshit crazy and run screaming out the door (sorry – do they use the term ‘batshit’ in England?)

  3. I am so pleased you have exchanged; now you can really plan where to put all your crockery. I was surprised it was Tilly who brought the nits home as we did not get any infestations from secondary school – they only ever came home from primary. But it will pass, eventually. And then you can find something else to gibber about – boys, staying out late, alcohol … you know the sort of thing.

  4. I never had nits once throught my entire school days. I’m starting to worry about the kind of people your kids go to school with 😉

  5. Love the ‘tache, love, love, love it and do try it the other way up as Sharon suggests.
    Nits – I’m itching reading this, so far so good with Pesk, but we did get the school letter warning us to look out for worms. Ah, the joys of parenthood eh?
    Hoorah about the house.
    And double hoorah for the tache, I am very envious.

  6. I took the tache off last night, and stuck it somewhere. Now I can’t find it!

  7. Hooray for exchanging – that is insanely good news. As for the lice, I suggest you shave everyone’s heads and be done with it, once and for all. I’m sure the girls will be happy.

  8. So pleased you have exchanged, we offered on my dream house on Monday but sadly were pipped 😦 so back to rightmove for us.

  9. Yay for the ‘exchange’… hiss for the nits…….and I’m sorry to tell you this but wait until you’re my age and you will be able to grow a soup-strainer all by your own self…….

  10. but zat is where you are wwrrrong Poirot.
    Can’t you clipper their hair? That’s what I resorted to once upon a time after several nights sat in an ever cooling bath tub combing combing and pissing combing. Pah. But I do have a boy and the convict look is a little less forgiving on the chicas I suppose.

  11. I do with the boy, but the girls moan. Not as much as me when I am combing mind you.

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