Derek is taking her meds

Bit of a mixed bag as far as the day goes, but feeling slightly overwhelmed by house issues. We had a bit more bad news today which means our completion date is being pushed back further and we are still unable to exchange.

Not fun.

There have been some lovely things that have happened today but I am tired and slightly fed up, and won’t do them justice.

So, instead of that, have a video of me, looking like a pensioner, giving Derek her medicine.

Derek looks very sleek and handsome, so it would be wise to concentrate on her most.

14 responses to “Derek is taking her meds

  1. I take it that she hasn’t read the instructions – you swallow the liquid, Derek, not eat the dispenser! It looks like what Harry has – Meloxidyl – but I’ve never had that reaction from him. He only tolerates it because he gets munchies afterwards!

  2. Oh that’s priceless! I’ve only ever been given tablets to force down my cat’s throat – this seems much the tastier option!

  3. We used to have to wrap Romeo in a towel, force her(yes, ‘her’ – long story) mouth open, and squirt the stuff in her with a syringe. About half of it always missed its mark due to violent protestation on her part. Whatever Derek’s taking must taste fabulous.

  4. Derek certainly enjoys her medicine, doesn’t she! Makes me wonder what it tastes like …

  5. We’ve got our cat on tablets at the moment. It’s certainly the time when you find out cats are much better armed than humans!!

  6. Very sweet………I think Derek has the same colouring and look as our girl cat Jaffa…..a bit orange and black. Hope the house business has a turn for the better soon.x

  7. Libby, thank you honey. Me too.

  8. Derek has perfect manners. I am impressed.

  9. Sometimes she does. Tonight, when she bit me, not so much!

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