I have never, ever regretted blogging, and if I was ever offered a real job where they didn’t approve of my blogging activities I’d have to seriously think about how much I needed the money, the urge to tell them to bog off would be so strong.

Nothing comes between me and the blog.

There are good reasons for this:

  • It has saved my sanity
  • It has sharpened up my writin’ skilz beautifully
  • It has given me some amazing opportunities
  • I have made some wonderful friends
  • It has helped me to help other people and causes I care about in a very tangible way.
  • It has helped me not murder the children in my darkest hours.

All in all it has been bloody brilliant.

Today is a case in point.

I have had a wonderful day.  A wonderful day that would never have happened had I not had this blog.

Today I met with Brendan Lynch.


The ninja baking ,disco survivalist, Great British Bake Off finalist.

That Brendan Lynch.

Who it turns out, is an absolutely delightful man, as well as being a whiz with a hot rock and a disco diva.

I have been dying to tell you this for weeks, but for once in my life, discretion has been the better part of Valerie (though all of her is nice – Roger McGough), and I have been so very, very good it has nearly killed me.

Brendan mailed me to say that he loved my blog posts about GBBO so much that he would like to make me a cake. Would I like one?

After I had finished galloping round my friend Nicki’s new orangery and shouting: ‘Squeeeeeeeeeeee!’ at the top of my voice with the excitement of it all, I managed to send a very sensible message that said: ‘Yes please.’

Today I took delivery of that cake.



Isn’t it a thing of beauty?

I would say it is a joy forever? But it isn’t because it isn’t going to last much longer, but it is definitely a joyful thing.

It is a white chocolate sponge base, with cream cheese frosting and fresh raspberries.  The bow is made of white chocolate.

It looks heavenly.  It smells heavenly and it sounds like this:


Which is a most excellent sound in a cake.

It tastes, and I have confirmed this with experts Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood: ‘Bloody Marvellous.’

Not only did I get a cake, but the whole Boo clan got to meet Brendan, his partner Jason, and their dog Monty.


Here is me, looking slightly deranged with happiness.  Brendan and Jason are holding me up so that I don’t collapse due to overload of smug contentment.

We spent two hours in their company, and it flew by.  They were just the loveliest people; kind, thoughtful and funny.

Brendan is clearly enjoying his moment of fame, and it was lovely when people in the garden centre tea room, where we met up, sidled up to say hello.  He was unfailingly gracious to everyone.

His new career seems to be taking off beautifully and he is doing some wonderful projects next year, which he shared with us. I am not sure if I am supposed to say what they are, so I won’t, but when they happen I will be the first in the corner with my pom poms akimbo leading the cheers.

We all enjoyed meeting them, including Jason, who hardly watches Bake Off, but was charmed nonetheless, and the children, who are more avid fans than me.  Oscar declared on the way home that it was: ‘the most epic day of the whole world.’

Which seems like a fair comment.

On the way home we stopped off at mum and dad’s to share the bounty, and as Uncle Robber was there too, he got a piece of cake as well.  Truth be told, we all had two pieces.

Then we took a piece round to my friend Nicki and her family to say thank you for letting me run round her orangery going ‘Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’


And we are saving some to give to Andrea when she comes round this evening for a festive True Blood marathon and a small celebration because she is finally going to be Dr. Andrea Phd!

Christmas is going to have to be pretty special this year to beat today.


15 responses to “CAAAAAAKKKKKEEEEE

  1. OMG. That is fantastic, and the cake is bloody brilliant. I hope you and your family have a lovely christmas

  2. Wow, that gives meaning to all your Christmases coming at once! Brendan’s attention to detail is amazing – including knowing your love of raspberries.


  4. Just having a wonderful big catch up with your posts…
    And couldn’t be more thrilled for you receiving a cake from Brendan. You gave a fabulously funny Katyboo twist on the programme so not surprised it got noticed. Enjoy x

  5. watchingthewheels

    Wow! How wonderful, congratulations on your new cake – or ex-cake as I now suppose it to be. Oh, and congratulations on your good taste to love True Blood, I too am a Bloodite 🙂
    Also – triple congratulations to Andrea, excellant news.

  6. Wow! in fact Wowzer! Fan-fucking-tastic! All round, wheeeeee! Brendan, cake, Andrea’s PhD!
    Have a lovely Boo Xmas

  7. PS Nicki – can I have that chair? It’s beautiful.

  8. I love the happiness in your face! and Brendan lives close by…I wish you had called in for a Christmas ‘hello’. Well done Andrea….enjoy the cake and general ‘huzzahs’!

  9. There’s no way you will ever top this Christmas!!! You must be over he moon – Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Janet in snowy Hall’s Harbour

  10. Now THAT is a proper Christmas Miracle! Merry Christmas to all and sundry Boo!

  11. bloody HELL!!!!!! Now, that IS a celeb moment to boast of and NO mistake. Get in.

  12. but you do look a teensy bit deranged. To be fair.

  13. I do look deranged! 🙂

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and I’ve passed all the love down the line to Andrea. xxx


    Hi do you have the recipe for this remarkable cake? Cheers Elizabeth

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