Bottle Stop

This week is obviously my week for speaking out.

Eventually we will go back to the posts about cake and humorous pictures of Derek.

Right now I’m on my soap box again.

This time my soap box is a little nearer to home.

In April this year, a man called Phillip Sherriff was at a works party in a nightclub in London.  He had gone there to watch the singer Jessie J.

After the gig finished he went to the bar to get himself a bottle of beer and got into an altercation with a young man, who as a result of a few badly chosen words between them, took Mr. Sherriff’s beer bottle from him, swung it behind him, and then jabbed the smashed end into Mr. Sherriff’s neck.

The jagged edge of the bottle severed his carotid artery and he lost five pints of blood within seconds.

People at the scene worked valiantly to save his life and their efforts meant he made it to hospital.  Sadly, he died four days later.

He left behind his wife, Jane, and two children, an eight year old daughter and a five year old son.

The man who killed him is now behind bars for fourteen years.  Apparently it was the first time he had ever behaved like this, and everyone who knew him said how shocked they were by his actions. The judge agreed that it was out of character.  It is cold comfort to Phillip Sheriff’s family.

His widow, Jane, has created a campaign called Bottle Stop.  You can find out about it here on their Face Book page.

Jane’s aim is to make sure that every city centre pub and club, uses plastic bottles and glasses from now on.  She is supported by many publicans, bouncers, ambulance crews and paramedics who frequently have to deal with glassing injuries, as well as members of the public, like me, who just see the sense in what she is saying.

The ban on using glass would only be in place in busy city centre pubs and clubs, where heavy drinking is the norm, particularly on weekends, and incidents of violence are more commonplace. She is not talking about country pubs, or all restaurants etc, just places where it is well documented that violence can be a problem, and the lack of glass as a weapon would mean less serious injuries for everyone.

I think it is a brilliant idea.

It would only take a minute of your time to like the page and get involved.  A minute of your time might save a lifetime for someone else.

7 responses to “Bottle Stop

  1. Brilliant campaign, a lot of clubs/pubs etc here have plastic glasses (and I think bottled beers are poured) for the very same reason.

    What bothers me is why so many people are on such a short fuse, drunk or otherwise, that these incidents are becoming so commonplace.

  2. excellent idea, something to adopt worldwide.

    Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 19:52:47 +0000 To:

  3. Here, at things like gigs, everything is served in plastic cups. Apart from preventing attacks, it also means when they get dropped (which is inevitable!) there are no shards of broken glass everywhere. Such a simple idea. You would think people would have implemented it everywhere by now!

  4. I like it when you speak out. You do it eloquently, passionately and with real thought and consideration.
    Sometimes you do just have to say something.

  5. Thank you. xx

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