Serengeti Spy

I was going to write another festive ranting style blog post, and then I realised that along with talking about being poorly, that hating Christmas is pretty much all I talk about at the moment.

Which is quite, quite boring, so we shall save the snarlings for the morrow, and instead I will do something very useful.

I will recommend a gift to you.

My friend Fiona, is a wild life photographer.  Fiona spends months every year travelling to far flung corners of the globe to take pictures of apes and monkeys (I believe there is a difference between the two. I am not sure what. I am not David Attenborough. I am a middle aged woman with wrinkles and an aversion to Christmas pudding).

When she is not doing that she is helping her husband, also a wildlife photographer, to put together books of his pictures.

His first book, Serengeti Spy (by Anup Shah) came out a few months ago, and it is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I have bought the odd copy here and there, but do not have any in my house at the moment, because they tend to end up as gifts for people.  I feel that the book is almost too beautiful for me to be allowed to keep it.

Everyone I have given a copy to has been utterly delighted with it.  Particularly my friend Auntie Squirrel, who, as her name suggests is quite the nature lover. In fact, as she was browsing through the book when I gave it to her, she said: ‘It’s easy to see from this book why I love animals more than people.’


N. B. There are no pictures of squirrels in this book, not unless they are inside the mouths of lions etc.

So, if you are stuck for a gift for someone who loves animals more than people, but who cannot persuade their landlord to let them have bison on the lawn at home, or if you have a friend who loves photography as an art form, then this is the book for you.

Fiona does not know I have written this post. Nor did she ask me to write it for her, and every copy of the book that has passed through my hands has been paid for by me, so this is absolutely not a sponsored post.

But it is a useful one if you’re stuck for a good idea for a Christmas gift.



2 responses to “Serengeti Spy

  1. wow, just read the reviews on Amazon!

  2. It is fabulous.

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