Come the apocalypse

The boy is much better today.

He didn’t sleep well, but his temperature finally broke in the early hours of the morning.

Yesterday he looked rather like a grey piece of paper with hectic red spots where his cheeks were. Today he looks normal boy colour again.

He was sick after his breakfast, but has been right as ninepence ever since, and has spent the afternoon racing round the garden picking up the last of the Autumn leaves to earn some money to spend at the school Christmas Fete next week.

The children are now happily playing zombie apocalypse while I cook the dinner.

This is not some kind of computer game, by the way.  This is their version of what they would do come the actual, real live zombie apocalypse.

From where I’m sitting it seems that mostly what they would do would be to break into the kitchen every ten minutes to get a drink of juice and to complain that I am not cooking fast enough.

I doubt that this will be very useful in a real zombie apocalypse situation.  Probably we would be better off with some of those weird water filled vest things that runners sometimes wear. The ones with small pipes that you can suck the water out through, so that you can still keep running away from the zombies, whilst adequately quenching your thirst.

Also, I don’t think I will have time to cook in a zombie apocalypse.  Certainly not vegetable minestrone from scratch.  I might be able to whip up a Cup A Soup, as long as the zombies were far enough away from the kettle, and I could then fill my water filled vest with soup and suck it up through the small pipe.

I will try to look for the packets without croutons.

That would be a terrible mistake to make.

A choking hazard and a zombie apocalypse all in one day hardly seems fair.

Their other big plan, come the zombie apocalypse is to run up and down stairs screaming, while Derek waves a desultory paw at them through the banisters as they fly past for the twentieth time.

Again, not a fantastic plan as far as I can see.

It needs work.

2 responses to “Come the apocalypse

  1. My beautiful daughter is 21. She is a very bright girl in her third year at uni., – she also has discussions with her mates about the best way to run away from/conquer zombies………..nothing changes.

  2. Nope. But it’s good to be prepared for a zombie invasion just in case. At least they’re not talking about JLS or One Direction or Robert Pattinson

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