Tak. Tick.

A short post on my enduring love for all things Scandinoir.

Why, why, why are you not all watching the third season of The Killing?

I excuse those of you who are.

The rest of you must buck your ideas up.

It is utterly, utterly compelling, as ever.

There are car chases through the gloaming. Tick.

There are jumpers galore. Tick.

There’s lots of use of the words Compewdah and Tak. Tick.

There is a great deal of night time. Tick.

There is a smattering of incomprehensible Danish politics. Tick.

There are red herrings by the boat load.

It’s just perfect.

I have decided that the Danes must be the most disobedient race on the planet.  No sooner do you order one of them not to do something than they immediately rush off into the louring Danish night to do exactly that.

Not only that, but they are absolutely terrible at answering phones.

It is a national affliction.

I spend my entire viewing time perched with one buttock on the sofa cushions, chewing my fingers to the bone, staring into the dense night and shouting: ‘No! No! Don’t go into the forest of death and fear! PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE YOU MORON.’ Before squeaking and burying my head in Jason’s t-shirt.

I am exhausted at the end of every episode, and because BBC4 insist on showing them in two episode chunks every week, I have to go through it twice in one night.

I look like a sleep deprived raccoon, and it’s a good job I’m not precious about manicures.

Despite the fact that Denmark seems perpetually full of murderers running through abbatoirs and forensics laboratories, and someone goes up in flames about every half an hour, I am still smitten.

I intend to take a holiday to Copenhagen as soon as humanly possible.

I shall be packing some knitwear, a magnifying glass and some blood pressure meds.

14 responses to “Tak. Tick.

  1. It is sooooooo good isn’t it? and having just visited Copenhagen we squeek when we recognise a building …… can’t wait to go back.

  2. We just caught up on it at the weekend (in between snatches of sleep). Man, it’s good. Possibly the best yet. The only slight annoyance is having a husband who spends alot of time in Copenhagen, and so has taken to shouting out, randomly, things like: “That’s where I had lunch!” and “I passed by that building last week!”. Try as I might, we will not accept that this does NOT add to my enjoyment of the show.

    • Just like my dad when he went to Monaco and every Grand Prix thereafter we got a running commentary from our tour guide.

  3. Becasue I live in Germany and don’t have a TV? Am I excused yet? 😉

  4. Boo hiss, stamps feet – not showing here yet! Waiting most (im)patiently ;-(

  5. I too am addicted to “The Killing” – and it’s all your fault, Katy! Several years ago you mentioned it on one of your blog posts, and I was curious so I looked it up on-line, and now I impatiently wait to download each new episode as soon as it’s uploaded onto the internet!

    So – tak, Katy! I’m so glad you got me interested in the show!

  6. You know my feeling about it all so I’ll just post this here for other Scandinoir fans to watch – Hurda Gurda Murder – https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Q9oFxntxSQE

  7. I am love, love, loving the latest series – brilliant, I find it so hard to wait till the next weekend, wish they would play them over a week.. Love Wallender too, although he irritates the hell out of me.

  8. I also love Wallander and find him irritating in equal parts.

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