Some stuff and some books

A short post

but mine own.

It is only Monday and I’m already running to stand still.

Because I had the temerity to actually have my day off as a day off today, my evening has been hell on wheels.

Not only have I done the usual laundry/tea/bath/bed routine, but we have also fitted in a long overdue trip to the library, built a model of the Windrush out of a shoe box and a Shreddie box (thank goodness I haven’t had time to go to the tip with the recycling), done spelling and reading practice, and finally finished our (note our, not her. It was truly collaborative) essay on the changes to black people’s lives since emancipation from slavery in the USA.

I have learned my story for tomorrow’s story telling session, fired off a load of important e-mails, comforted distraught daughter number one, who is drowning under the weight of constant tests and ridiculous amounts of homework at the moment, listened to husband snarling about houses (I want to tell you, but everything is very, very fragile at the moment. When things are less wobbly I will say more on this subject) and stopped the cat from choking on a pencil.

I am only pleased that I had time this morning to have coffee and cake with my friend Kim, and coffee and cake with my mum this afternoon, because if this relentless pace keeps up, I may never find the time to see either of them again.

I do not think this is an exaggeration.

I am now tired to the point of hyperactivity.  My brain is whirring, even though my body is crying out for me to go to bed.  I thought it would be silly to waste the opportunity to pour out my woes on the page.

I could write creative, charming, funny, thoughtful things, but unfortunately all my creativity was sapped out of me by the time I got to the funnels of the Windrush, and by the time I had wrestled with Rosa Parks and the origins of the Klan for the second evening in a row I was a husk. A veritable husk.

I am also reading, reading, reading. Deadlines loom, and I am burning the midnight oil.  If you like things like The 39 Steps and aren’t intimidated by children’s literature you should definitely read ‘Hitler’s Angel’ by William Osborn. It is very, very silly, but it’s an excellent romp, and I loved it very much.

I am half way through Pittacus Lore’s, ‘The Rise of Nine’, which is also very silly but rather good.  If you’re interested in fast paced science fiction adventure, you will like this, but you need to start at the beginning of the series with ‘I Am Number Four’ or you will be totally lost.

The Rise of Nine is the third in the series about a peaceful alien race who flee to earth after an invasion of their own planet by an evil race called the Mogadorians.  I believe it has been made into a film.

I can’t say.

The last time I saw anything remotely like a film I think you had to stick an old fashioned penny in the slot, crank the handle and wait for the lady to take her clothes off in very jerky moves.

So that’s where I’m at. I shall be back. I shall hopefully be more coherent and definitely more entertaining when I am back.

If I’m not, feed me to the Mogadorians if they haven’t got to me already.

2 responses to “Some stuff and some books

  1. Ahhh, but still pithy with it and wittily deilivered. However, the way you have written this has caused me to read faster and faster gathering speed so that my eyeballs have developed a slight sprain. Funny though. Where the bugger do you find time to read. I have to fit mine in on the toilet, which is where all my books can now be found. My Kindle is edging nearer to the bathroom daily.

  2. Thank you! I don’t sleep much, except when I shouldn’t, so I fit it all in then!

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