Not very good at this am I?

My plans to post more regularly aren’t really working out are they?

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Well, mostly the flesh is snoring.

I swear there are tsetse flies here in Broughton Astley because I really cannot manage to stay awake these days at all.  I fell asleep with my face on the keyboard earlier.

No word of a lie.

Apart from that I have been super/super busy.

On Friday things were flat out at school all day, and then, when we got home I had a million things to do because we were going out for the evening.  My multi tasking is coming along in leaps and bounds.

I managed to cook the dinner, clean the house, clean myself, get the girls ready for their dad’s visit, make sure Oscar was ready for when granny and granddad came to take over the baby sitting reins, and not collapse, all before we went to Warwick Arts Centre to see Alan Davies’s new stand up show; ‘Life is Pain’.

It was very, very funny, and I managed to stay awake for the entire thing, which was entirely unexpected.

I did that thing where you laugh so much you wish the person telling you the story weren’t quite so funny, because you think you’ve pulled a muscle and things are beginning to get a bit painful.

On Saturday my lovely friend Kate came round for the day with her children and her niece.  We ate lots of cake (which I baked – four types – oh yes), we drank lots of coffee and we talked a mile a minute.  The children played den making and spy masters and dressing up and made loads of noise, and nobody fought with anybody all day, but I may have to take ear defenders round to the neighbours next time they visit.

Then we went off to the fields at the back of our house and tried to walk off some of the cake, and the children skidded about up to their ankles in cow pooh, and it was all very rustic, and a bit smelly, but very good fun indeed.

In the evening the whole family were invited round to my friend Nicki’s house for dinner.  It was a really great evening, with good food, good wine and good company, and I felt very, very decadent going out for two evenings in a row.  And I ate so much food I thought I might actually die of surfeit.


Today we were meant to be going to a christening en famille, which would have been quite educational, as Oscar and Tallulah have been studying it at school. Sadly Tallulah has also been studying how to get a tummy bug, and we decided it really wouldn’t be the done thing to turn up with a christening present of e coli or some such thing.

I stayed at home with the children, and Jason went to the christening, because even though he is not a big fan of such events, the family in question are his friends.  He got to watch the baby being dipped and partake of vol au vents.  I got to spend the day at home nursing Tallulah and doing endless homework with Oscar and Tilly.

Tilly is doing an essay on the end of slavery and the history of the civil rights movement in America, which has caused us some interesting moments today. It is a good job I am interested (read nosey) in most things, as I am able to dredge up rusty nuggets of information from the bottom of my slothful brain when required.

Oscar had everything but the kitchen sink to do today, the culmination of our efforts being a collage of a burning house at the time of the Great Fire of London, and a crash course in how to make bread.

No wonder I’m tired.

I must go. I have four books to review, book bags for school to prepare for tomorrow, a raft of e mails as long as my arm to answer and then I must schedule some falling asleep on my keyboard time in.

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