Gary Numan – CURSES

It’s been a rather nice weekend.  The children and I have pottered about doing our jobs, but not in the godawful rush that we usually have to, because we are always trying to fit in ninety other very important things.

We did not do anything very important at all.

It was brilliant.

In between  our jobs we have read stories, been to the sweet shop, poked around the charity shops, been to an indoor car boot sale, and been out for lunch twice, once on our own, once with uncle Robber.

The children have composed a new song, the chorus of which seems to be: ‘I like pencils. I like them very much.’

It’s quite catchy.

Less appealingly, Tallulah spent her pocket money on a strange calculator/alarm clock device from the charity shop.  Not only can none of us make it tell the correct time, including Jason, who we had pinned all our hopes on, as he is the technical wizard, but it also doubles up as a keyboard.

This has been the only bad thing to have happened this weekend.  It is truly awful.

Tallulah, being of a musical bent has convinced herself that she is a keyboard maestro on a par with Jean Michel Jarre and has proceeded to regale us all with her original compositions, as well as repeatedly asserting that she can play Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’, and would we like to hear her.

It makes no difference if we say yes or no, we have to hear her anyway.

I never liked the original song, so hearing it being badly massacred on a small musical clock is not my favourite thing in the whole world.

I humoured her the first half a dozen times.  Then I lost the will to live.

She now has to practice in her bedroom with the door shut.

She is not best pleased.

Neither am I, as despite its diminutive stature the clock/keyboard is remarkably piercing in tone and can be heard through the entire house, even when she has the door shut.

I am praying that the batteries run out very, very soon.

In the meantime I have been mooching about today, blessed with the accompanying earworm of my own out of tune rendition of Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’.

Which hardly seems fair.

4 responses to “Gary Numan – CURSES

  1. I shouldn’t have watched that. The song will be in my head for the rest of the day.

  2. I liked Gary Numan, I think I still have the album, I know, what can I say? – I grew up in North Wales, the land that taste forgot. Thank you for the youtube clip, it made me cry with laughter 🙂

  3. It is a most excellent clip. I love the Boosh.

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