Up and Down

So, Monday has been a bit of a bastard so far.  I am not going to go into the ins and outs of all the reasons why. It is all far too tedious and dreary.  Let us just say that I spent much of the morning being OUTRAGED OF BROUGHTON ASTLEY, and even did several telephone calls using my very clipped, ‘I am British and I am totally not amused voice’.

Then I did a lot of driving, and a lot of dragging furniture around.


By the time I got home to find that Jason had accidentally left the front door open when he went out to work, I was wondering why I had even bothered to get out of bed when I could have just stayed in and shot myself in the face in the dark and warm.

But then, I got inside to find that nobody had broken in and stolen things, or done a wee in my Bridgewater teapot, and that the stash of biscuits I had hidden from the children were still undetected, and life started looking up a bit.

I really fancied several glasses of wine and a sleep for my lunch, but I am on driving duty later on, so I ate lots of Swiss cheese and pickled onions, and that worked a bit, except that instead of smelling like a lady who lunches, and who might be a bit mysterious and glamorous, I smell like a cheesey onion.

Which is not so good.

I ate a lot of biscuits.

Which is good.

Despite the crumbs, and the fact that I ‘accidentally’ finished my favourite packet.

I realise that this blog has been a bit more moany than usual recently.  This is because I am a bit more moany than usual, but there are nice things happening, and I have experienced various cool and interesting phenomena, so maybe I should focus on some positive stuff for a moment or two before I plunge back into the unremitting gloom and the all pervasive whiff of pickled shallots.

Like the fact that when I met up with my ex husband (the UE) this morning I was able to introduce him to two new things he had not tried before.

UE is one of those people who is forever listening to new music, or discovering new programmes, or books, or lifestyles, or mung beans or whatever.  He is always out there, surfing the edges of what is cool, or what might be cool, or what is so terribly uncool it will almost certainly become very cool in the near future.  It is very hard to recommend something he hasn’t already done or thought about or someone he doesn’t already have an encyclopaedic knowledge of.  When I am able to do it I always feel a slight frisson of pride.

Today I showed him this awesome video of Joss Whedon talking about Mitt Romney.

Which I have now seen about a dozen times, but which never fails to make me laugh because I love Joss Whedon and he is extremely brilliant.

I thought he would have seen it, because he is also an uber Whedon fan, but no. I aced that one.

I also introduced him to the music and general all round being of Amanda Palmer, who is also rather awesome in a different way:

She is married to Neil Gaiman you know, which in itself is rather brilliant.

I was able to leave our meeting feeling that I might just have edged him on the coolness stakes for once.


Then I got home and ate lots and lots of chocolate orange flavoured Choco Leibniz biscuits, which was perfect.

Choco Leibniz are possibly my favourite biscuit in the world. They are thick, thick chocolate on a crisp biscuit base. You can have them in milk or plain chocolate variety, both of which are gorgeous, although the plain pips it at the post for me. Then last week I discovered the chocolate orange variety and they are heavenly. In fact, I might just stick my neck out and declare them to be the best biscuit in the world to date.

Which given my encyclopaedic knowledge of biscuits and my epic appetite for them, is a bold claim.

But one which I feel is true.  At least for today.

And the discovery of the orange Choco Leibniz made up for my total failure to discover the native biscuits of Anglesey, and I can’t help feeling that even if I had actually discovered them, they wouldn’t be a patch on the chocolate orange loveliness I devoured only twenty minutes earlier.

The only sadness is that you only get about ten in a packet, and they are very moreish, and it is extremely easy to inhale the packet in say one or two sittings, and they are not inexpensive, and I need more.

I will have more.

And I have read a few cracking books recently which I can recommend unreservedly.  You should absolutely buy Lawrence Norfolk’s new book; ‘John Saturnall’s Feast’, which I am just finishing, and which I have devoured in the last two days.  I also loved; ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern, and ‘Grimm’s Tales for Young and Old‘ by Philip Pullman.  They are all brilliant in totally different ways and I just ate them up.

And then I managed to catch up with season two of Homeland this weekend, which also made me very happy, because not only is it brilliant but I have a bit of a thing for Damian Lewis, and it really wasn’t very hard to watch him for about five hours.

So it’s not all GRRR.

Sometimes it’s PURRR too.


15 responses to “Up and Down

  1. Love your post. I don’t usually read blog post as I can’t justify the time & am not used to the whole blog thing yet. I find it all a bit overwhelming but I strongly identify with the biscuit thing. Not sure either if what I write on your blog shows up anywhere else. Bit concerned with privacy as I use my real name. Huge respect to you for being such an avid reader. Wondering if you have a kindle. While I ponder month after month whether or not to buy one I manage to be an avid watcher of telly. Hope your day improves.

    • Nickygrace
      It shows up as a comment on the blog which is public. Could try making another account with a different name? It doesn’t show your email address so that would work.

      I do have a Kindle. I use it quite a lot, but nothing beats real books.

  2. Oh how I hate to be argumentative, but I cannot go with you on the whole Leibniz love. Although you write so persuasively about them. But I do agree with you on the Damian Lewis issue – he is a bit lovely. A bit of a knob in ‘Hearts And Bones’, I thought, but a bit of alright in other things. We have just started watching ‘Life’ which is shaping up nicely.

    • Janice
      I am ok with others not loving the Leibniz. More for me. What biscuits do you love?

      Haven’t seen Hearts & Bones, ordered it from Love Film though. I really enjoyed Life, very silly but good stuff. Still love him in Band of Brothers.

  3. Mmmmmm…..some days are like that I find…..grr and prr……..but biscuits are the thing to lift a spirit without a doubt. PS hate to rain on your parade possibly but how is the house hunting going?

  4. Thanks for the Josh Whedon clip – best laugh of the day for a burned-out US voter who is deeply thankful to be overseas during the whole lunatic fiasco.

  5. Here’s to better days and more biscuits in the Boo household.

    Have read a couple of books by Tana French recently – In the Woods and Broken Harbor – wonderful writing.

  6. Ah yes, Amanda Palmer. You may also find Map of Tasmania amusing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-GQ63NStxk 😉

  7. Thanks Keith. x

  8. yes, i love that whedon thing (well, whedon in general). however, i want some of those biscuits. We have the liebenz little scholar biscuits here – milk and dark — and the nice chocolate wafer ones, but now I drool after the orange ones and I have never seen them, though I have also had the plain petit burre which are very nice. But chocolate, orange — could only be better if there were lemon chocolate biscuits. I may have to invent those…

  9. let me know when the prototypes are ready.

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