I have been to Margate…

I have finished some jobs, and I am still awake. I shall start to tell you about Nancy Spain.

Nancy, for those of you who have not fallen madly in love with her thanks to my previous blog posts, was one of the first celebrity chef style people on television, as well as being an all round posh person (although she says she isn’t. Which means she is), a bon viveur, celebrity lover, a novelist, a lesbian and someone who was successfully sued by Evelyn Waugh on at least one, if not two occasions.

Sadly, she died in 1964 in a plane crash, but after reading her life story I am glad to tell you that she managed to pack in a great deal of life with a big L before she shuffled off her perch.

Nancy’s autobiography is entitled: ‘Why I’m Not a Millionaire.’

It is sadly out of print, but there are copies available on Amazon should I have tempted you to indulge in Nancy love of your very own.

I shall give you selected tid bits over the next few posts, but here is part of the foreward:

It was when we were returning from a magic week-end with Cyril Lord, the textile king, that Joan Werner Laurie turned to me and said, ‘Why aren’t you a millionaire? Cyril is only five years older than you and he and his business are worth four millions.’

I hung my head.

What could I say? I was nearly forty. I had had the most wonderful life. I had been to New York, Jamaica, Madeira, the South of France, Corsica, and Margate…

Yet I was not a millionaire.

Why not?’


2 responses to “I have been to Margate…

  1. Who knew Margatge was where millionaries hung out? I shall have to go, immediately, and see if I can spot/snare one!
    The blogsphere (well, me) demands you hold the Nancy Spain-esque dinner party very soon and take lots of photos.

  2. I’m beginning to love Nancy myself

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