Mr. Wheatley

It is my (our) fifth wedding anniversary today.

Well, we are pretty sure it is today.

We are in agreement that it most definitely, probably is.

Adding that to the grand total, I make that eight years of coexistence without killing each other, which given the fact that we are both a total nightmare to live with, is pretty impressive going.

And makes a great case for the power of love (no singing. Ithankyew).

And having a very large bed with two duvets on it.

Mr. Wheatley.

I love you.

I cannot imagine my life without you in it.

Well, I can.  But it sucks. And I do not want to imagine it.

Every day I spend with you is a day I consider myself richer in all the ways that count, and all the ways that last.

I am so looking forward to growing even older and more cantankerous with you than ever.


I am grateful every day that that time you got down on one knee, you weren’t worrying about cracks in the lintel after all.

11 responses to “Mr. Wheatley

  1. Your are much funnier in print than I am, so I won’t try to compete.

    Without getting too soppy, you are the bestest in the world; marrying you made me the happiest and lots of other ists and ests I’ve ever been.

    More importantly though, have you cooked me the chocolate cake you promised me 🙂


  2. I am just about to go and buy chocolate (which Tilly ate), and Maltesers (which you ate), and your wish will be my command! xxx

  3. Oh now, look here you two, you’ve made the room go all dusty….
    Happy anniversary, and lang may your lum reek…or something….

  4. It’s all about the cake. Congratulations!

  5. Happy anniversary Katy and Jason, regardless of whether or not that chocolate cake appears!
    (It’s my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding anniversary today, too. She does not make him chocolate cake, but she does make a mean martini.)

  6. Congratulots! According to tradition, a September bride is discreet and forthcoming, beloved of all…but I think it should say something about cake too, perhaps!

  7. Happy Anniversary you two……may health and happiness surround you.

  8. Awww, I have such happy vibes after reading this. Happy anniversary to you both!

  9. Many many many many happy returns.

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