More of my London

I have a few pictures left of our week in London and no theme by which to group them, or any relevant narrative to offer whereby I can slot them into a story.  So I am just going to serve them up in a big lump here, like some very badly made canapes.


This was outside the Innovation Centre in Islington. I think it was a ride of some kind.  Every now and again it would rise up on its mighty arms.  Whatever it was, it was pretty impressive.


unlike these terrible Converse flip flops, which we also found in Islington, but which should never have been allowed to see the light of day, frankly.


The grave of a lion in Highgate cemetery.  As you do.


‘You fuck off.’ ‘No. You fuck off.’  Anthony Gormley sculpture messing with our minds on Euston Road.


The angel’s wings at Angel Islington.  I have no idea what happened to the rest of him.  Perhaps he was trying on those Converse flip flops.


A bee collecting some larvae lunch in the Kew Gardens North American plants exhibition outside the British Museum.


Tallulah rolling down the hill at Kenwood House.


One of the walls in the Octav Botnar wing of Great Ormond Street Hospital.  All the walls have toys stuck into the plaster work.  It is surreal and brilliant.


Like so.


William de Morgan tiles at the William Morris Museum in Walthamstow.


Liberty chintz up the Union Jack.


Traffic cone portico at the V&A.


Tr(ee)ology sculptures outside South Kensington tube station.


bowls of delicious babies at Liberty.


and finally, some gorgeous Jacob Epstein at the V&A.

4 responses to “More of my London

  1. I want those Converse flip flops. To burn.

  2. We saw the bus!
    We were freaked by the bus!

  3. It is a freaky bus. Did you see it rise up? What was all that about?

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