Random signage

When we were at the Royal Festival Hall a few weeks ago, we needed to use the facilities.

On the way into the loos there is a powder room, and on the wall this:

I couldn’t get it all in shot because one very inconsiderate woman dared to actually want to use the room to like, powder her nose, instead of for random photographic moments.

It says: ‘A Private Act in a Public Place.’


But fitting.


I liked this.

I would like to be one of the Hummus Brothers. I would have an enormously curly moustache.

I might look like this:


A sign we found propped up against a churros van at the back of the Royal Festival Hall, but I would have bigger moustaches, obviously.


Is this really a sneeker, or have they spelled it wrong?  I don’t know.  I quite like the word sneeker though.


This sign made me laugh, a lot.  I know it’s about hair removal, but I love the question; ‘Are you as smooth as you want to be?’

I imagine someone like Peter Stringfellow asks himself this question on a daily basis.  Perhaps, as well as removing bum fluff from the upper lip they also offer lessons in how to be more oleaginous, and saying: ‘Well, hellooo, laydeeez’ in fourteen languages.


I am wondering whether the author of the poster wrote this, realising that he had missed a crucial selling point for his courses, or whether someone who hates him nipped in after he had carefully encased his poster in plastic, and whipped out a marker pen just to spite him.  I like to think it is a rage induced, drive by marker pen incident myself.


I’m glad my raving days are over.  E’s are so much bigger now.


Showing my age here. I always thought Grease was the word.


I took this in one of those fast food restaurants that sells hideous fried chicken.  We weren’t eating there. We were simply passing by.  The top sign caught my eye and I got quite intrigued by what a ‘peace chicken’ was, and what it might taste like, until Jason called me a ‘silly cow’ because it means a piece of chicken.

I prefer my version.

Imagining a blissed out chicken, happily surrendering to its fate for the good of others.

Finally, two of my favourite words.



2 responses to “Random signage

  1. Ah-Book Sale!.My favourite too. I love the way the letters look as if they’ve been rapidly scrawled in between doing more important things, like reading.

  2. Indeed. That’s why I love it too!

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