A Self Indulgent Pottery Post with Pictures

Being a potteryholic myself, and meeting up with my other, lovely enablers, meant that this last week has been rather potterytastic.

Here are some photos of things I saw, and things I ‘accidentally’ managed to bring home.


This rather lovely Mellor Ware plate managed to sneak its way into my luggage.  I could not resist the thoughtful expression on the hare’s face as he dipped his toast soldiers into his egg.

You have already seen my Cosmo China indulgences, so I will spare you more photos of those.


This blurry picture shows a rather pretty small French bowl and beaker which I bought from an interiors shop in Muswell Hill called Sally Bourne Interiors.  The whole shop is lovely,  they have an excellent dog, which the children approved of thoroughly, and the pottery was very reasonable.  The beaker was about five pounds and the bowl six.  They had lots in various patterns and sizes and whittling it down to just two things was hard, hard work.

We found these amazing art pieces in a gallery just off Marylebone High Street called Jaggedart:

There were a whole range of them, and I found them totally compelling. Luckily for me, and the bank balance, the gallery was shut.

More affordable was this:

This is one of the tea sets I bought in Liberty.  Strangely, the pictures are by Arthur Watts, which was my grandfather’s name.

Not the same one, sadly.

Here are some things I didn’t buy in Liberty, but wished I had:


There were a whole table of these small, hand made plates with wobbly rough edges, and wonky designs on them.  I rather loved them.  They had some great ones with beetles on as well.


There is a range of pots with birds illustrated with drawings by Edwyn Collins.  I loved them rather much.


These are quite fab. You can get these as prints as well, and there are a whole host of strange creatures on them including this fantastic cat with a monocle:


Which no home should be without, I think you will agree.


These come in a range as well.  There is a particularly excellent mug with a blue monkey scarpering from the scene on it.


These are the Bridgewater lustreware patterned dogs I mentioned in an earlier post.  Either you love lustreware or you hate it.  I’m a hater I’m afraid, which is good, because a pair of these dogs will set you back £795.

I did succumb to some Bridgewater though.  This was waiting for me when I got home:


a humongous salad bowl in the Wiveton Veg pattern, which I absolutely love.

And these were an added bonus to welcome us home.


The lilies that were in bud in my Black Toast six pinter had all bloomed while we were away, and the smell was quite amazing when I opened the front door on Thursday night.

4 responses to “A Self Indulgent Pottery Post with Pictures

  1. Small tip here – lily pollen is lethal to cats so to ensure that Derek doesn’t get any on her fur and then lick it off, I suggest you get some nail scissors and cut off the orange pollen trembly things (stamen?). They don’t produce scent so won’t affect the smell at all. When I do mine, I use an old envelope to collect them as they fall, then I can just throw it away without staining myself with pollen. It’s a pain in the hole to do but better that than a possibly dead pussycat…

  2. have to say the doggies aren’t working for me, but love all the other pieces 🙂

  3. Luckily the dogs don’t work for me either. Jason is so relieved.

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