Cosmo China

On one of our days out we came across a wonderful china shop called Cosmo China.  It is near Queen’s Square at the back of the Great Ormond Street Hospital, just off Southampton Row.

It is a wonderful shop full of hand painted treasures at prices that are, considering what you are getting, an absolute bargain.

Egg cups started from £4 each, and some of them were so cute:


There was a whole range of this, which would make wonderful christening presents.

If I hadn’t been staying around town for the next six or seven hours and feared for its safety I would so have bought this alphabet platter.  It is gorgeous.

In the end I bought two pieces:

A London mug full of cars and buses and tube trains to commemorate quite how much travelling around we do while we are here.

And this wonderful Little Red Riding Hood mug complete with wolf:

Which I bought because it was very Moominesque and I loved Red’s face.

There was a whole range of the Red Riding Hood stuff, as well as so many other things I loved I could have bought/photographed/stolen, every piece in the shop.

I really wrestled my conscience over this bird bowl:

But resisted in the end.  I feel quite sad about that now.

There are lots of different artists/painters working at and for Cosmo, and the collection is divided up into the work of the different artists.  You can see the range of artists and their works by clicking through here.

There really is something for everyone if china is your thing.

As well as having a huge variety of stock in the shop already painted, they also take on commissions so you can have pieces made for birthdays, christenings etc, and unlike Bridgewater, whose commissioned range is rather limited, you can choose the style, the piece and pretty much everything about the piece you want.

And best of all, the lady who started the shop 22 years ago, still owns it, and works there every day, with most members of her family by the sound of it. She is an absolute delight to talk to. She was friendly, and happy to have the children in the shop, and it was altogether a wonderful experience meeting her, and her lovely things:

They have a blog, which you can visit here, and which keeps you up to date with everything that is going on in the shop.  It tells you wonderful snippets like the fact that the Emily who was featured in the opening credits of Bagpuss is now a pottery painter at Cosmo China, which is exceedingly cool if, like me, you are a child of the Seventies.  And further coolness, if it were needed, comes in the shape of a range of Clangers, Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine and Noggin the Nog china which you can buy from the shop and which is rather gorgeous.

2 responses to “Cosmo China

  1. it’s really lovely to hear that shops like these still exist and prosper. Great pieces you showed us.

  2. There were so many to choose from. It really is lovely.

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