Happy Birthday Uncle Robber

Today is my brother’s birthday.

We went round to his house en masse at lunch time, bearing gifts and cakes.  His house is in a state of disrepair, as he is having a new kitchen put in, and it is not quite finished yet.  He couldn’t come to us as he was waiting for a delivery of cupboard doors, so we made the best of a bad situation by having a kind of impromptu birthday picnic in his lounge.

It was very nice.  We bought him a lot of pottery to go in his new kitchen.  I have warped him and coerced him into my pottery ways, and he now has a cupboard full of Bridgewater’s ‘starry skies’ pattern waiting to be used in its new home.

When the kitchen is finished he is inviting us all round for a roast dinner.  We are very excited about this.  The children squeak a lot when Uncle Robber’s Yorkshire puddings are mentioned.

We let him relax without us in the afternoon, but headed out again this evening for dinner at one of our favourite places to go, Feast India.


Here’s Oscar and Tallulah being mesmerised by the bar tender doing wicked tricks with a bottle of Malibu.  They are now desperate to become mixologists.  I am going to put a lock on the wine cupboard pronto.


Under each of those silver domes is a different type of curry.  And in the big copper pots, and this is only one side of four big serving areas.


You don’t have to have curry.  Although you’d be daft not to.  There is also an area which does fresh stir fries while you wait:


And a barbecue area:


And a Poori station and a separate bit where a man will cook you fresh Dosas and Uttapam, and another station where a man just makes endless fresh, hot naan bread.


And a rocking salad tuk tuk.

And that’s before you get to the puddings, where you can have about twenty different types of gateau, and traditional Indian sweets and desserts, and freshly made ice creams and sorbets.

And I’ve blogged about Feast India loads of times, but I can’t resist making a fuss every time we go, because it’s such fun to eat there, and we always have a good time, and I really love it.

So we say, Happy Birthday Uncle Robber, and thank you for picking somewhere we all love to celebrate, and inviting us to go with you.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday Uncle Robber

  1. Happy Birthday,Uncle Robber-you have impeccable taste in eateries(it must be in the genes).

  2. Jenny
    We were both trained from an early age!

  3. Happy Birthday Uncle Robber!

  4. Ruth
    He had an excellent day.x

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