A Return Trip to Emma Bridgewater

Today my friend Nicki and I took our children to Emma Bridgewater’s factory at Stoke on Trent.

You might recall that on Collector’s Day not everything went entirely smoothly, although we still had a fabulous time.

I am a great believer in writing letters, signing myself off: ‘Outraged of Broughton Astley’, and as I was a little disappointed with some of the events of the day I wrote a letter.  It wasn’t a horrible letter, as I have always had terrific service from Bridgewater whenever I have had a problem, and I love the brand, so I didn’t want to come over all hellfire and damnation.

I was less outraged and more, ‘mildly cheesed off of Broughton Astley.’

I got a reply remarkably swiftly, and the reply was very lovely, and totally restored my faith in the company, and made me cheer up and smile when I think about how much of my money goes their way.

This was a feat in itself.

The letter apologised for the fact that there had been problems with our day.  Not only that, but they invited us to return to Bridgewater for the day, with our children, to have lunch and to have a go at tea towel painting (which we missed out on during Collector’s Day), which they would put on just for us.

We couldn’t say no, could we?

We arrived this morning and managed to bag the squishy leather sofas in the cafe (the best seats in the house. An undisputed fact), for coffee and cake.

This was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  It is not anymore.

Then we proceeded to paint tea towels, and tables, and floors, and little bits of ourselves.

Masterpieces were produced.  The children had a great time getting indescribably inky.

We had a good time too.  I do love a bit of messy play, especially when it is someone else’s turn to clean up afterwards.

Our lunch was fabulous and we ate everything in sight.  We would have given a bunch of locusts a run for their money we were that hungry.  The flowers didn’t make it through lunch. NOM.

It’s the art. It takes it right out of us.

We browsed the shop while the children played outside with the big baskets of toys provided for just such occasions, and by the time we left we were all in high spirits having had an absolutely splendid day.

Everyone we spoke to was charming.  Every single person made an effort to make us feel welcome and really pushed the boat out for us on a day when they were already super busy.  John, especially, went out of his way to make our visit memorable and a total pleasure.

Thank you Emma Bridgewater for a wonderful day.

2 responses to “A Return Trip to Emma Bridgewater

  1. Every time you post about visiting some pottery factory or another , I am once again regretful that on my last trip to the UK, we didn’t have quite enough time to check out any such place, despite the fact that we stayed overnight in Stoke-On-Trent. Also, DD does not share my interest in pottery and it would have been like pulling teeth to get her in one of those factories. So, I shall continue to live vicariously through you and your pottery factory visits (and purchases), so carry on!

  2. Pinklea
    Thank you ma’am.x

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