The death of gnomes

As you know, granny’s house is the sanctuary for retiring and aged gnomes, and any other strange garden creature that happens to catch her fancy.  Hence wooden eagles, Jazz frog, a cement dog with one ear, and a fat stone hedgehog with a face like a smacked arse.

This year the gnomes have had to be rescued from the garden, and are now huddled together on the table on her verandah, while the enormous wooden eagles, Sissy and Leera glare over them, protecting them from incomers.

Usually by this time, the gnomes have been freed from hibernation and are  frolicking about in the long grass, being treated to mud pies by Tilly and having their washing done by Tallulah.  Oscar mostly likes to leap out on them from behind bushes.

The garden is far too wet for any gnome based frivolity at the moment, and things are very forlorn at the Sanctuary.

I may suggest that the next time we are at granny’s house, the children fashion them an ark.

As they were being rounded up and saved from the apocalyptic floods, we found this one:

The last time Geoff the gardener had a fire, he had obviously crept too close, huddling in the warm embers, and had met his maker.

It is all very Richard II

‘Let us sit upon the ground, and tell sad stories of the death of gnomes.’

I will let you know when funeral arrangements have been made.

2 responses to “The death of gnomes

  1. i am sorry to hear of geoff’s demise. you might tell the children, that i have mentioned it to the gnomes currently living in the tiny patch of green outside of my house. they said the death of any gnomes diminishes them… and our local urban gnomes are particularly rare these days. there also seems to have been a falling out amongst our gnomes… two have left the coziness of the windmill and high summer flowers to live on the rather spare windowsill — perhaps they’ve gone zen or have read books on japanese or minimal living. i shall try and send photos… in the meantime, perhaps you might let me know when the memorial is, and i shall send flowers.

  2. I shall tell them.
    Hold off on the flowers. Tilly has a plan to revive Geoff. I hope it doesn’t involve electrodes and chaining lightning.

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