The Cat’s Whiskers

Mum has bought a lot of new stock in the last few weeks.

I love it when she buys new things, because she generally lets me have a really good rifle through all the boxes of assorted odds and ends, and it is very enjoyable indeed.  Looking through someone else’s treasures is nearly as much fun as amassing your own.

Today, when we went over for cake, she showed me some lovely new (to her) books she had found, including a glorious 1972, large format edition of Alice Through the Looking Glass with the most stunning illustrations by Ralph Steadman, which made my heart go pitter patter.

There were also some rather bizarre things like this book:

Which is a kind of Fifties, book version of I Can Haz Cheezburger, and which tells the story of a kitten who mostly likes to hang out in butcher’s shops:

(apologies for the poor quality of the photo, it is entirely my fault)

Here he is, dangling from a large loop of raw black pudding. There are also photos of him sitting in front of a pound of sausages, and eyeing up a leg of lamb.

When he is not fondling meat products he likes to get in a little practice with his band:

A mouse plays the xylophone, just in case you were wondering.

They are a jazz combo, from what I can surmise, daddio.

And he also likes to work on honing his magic act, which he does at weekends to bring in a little extra money for black pudding:

Note the airborne mouse whizzing overhead. I think they have launched it out of a cannon, for reasons which are never fully explained.

Finally, he likes to do charitable work at St Silver’s Home for Sick and Retired Parrots:

Because he is just that kind of cat.


2 responses to “The Cat’s Whiskers

  1. He needs to have a word with my two cats….they just spread themselves across the carpet in the sun and do bugger all.

  2. Libby
    Today I would be grateful if Derek would just do that. I have no need of feline excitement in my life.

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