Exsploding Potion

Yesterday afternoon the children were playing with a marvellous craft kit I found at our local charity shop for £2.

It consisted of five sheets of parchment, a quill pen and a bottle of red ink marked ‘dragon’s blood’.

They made one hell of a mess.  Tilly’s hands still look like she has been partaking of a little light butchery.

They had a wonderful time though.

Tallulah created a recipe for an ‘Exploding Potion’ and then aged it, by scrumpling the paper into a ball and jumping up and down on it.

The squiggles are blood stains, where presumably, whatever she administered the potion to, exploded.

Here is what it says.  All spelling is the potion mistresses own

Exsploding Potion


A piegons feather,

A doggys heart,

Roses pettal,

A gust of wind,

A beam of sun,

And a chinchillas big fat bum.

Put them into a bowl and say exsploe exsplode, boom

5 responses to “Exsploding Potion

  1. LOL! chinchillas big fat bum! Classic 🙂

  2. I was going to do a long comment on your wonderful Nancy Spain posts, but now I’m laughing too much. Thank you and your daughter v much indeed.

  3. Ruth2Day
    That is the best line, without a doubt!

    I will let her know. She will take it all in her hugely egotistical stride!

  4. Sounds like an elizabethan receipt…

  5. Nimble
    It probably is. I’ve always been suspicious of her age.

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