Two photos of shiny fings

Firstly, this is the box that Jason bought for me last weekend:

I am very, very pleased with it.  It is currently sitting at the foot of our bed waiting for me to fill it with random toot.  This will not take long. For now I am enjoying the fact that it is the one container in the house which isn’t stuffed to bursting with ‘things’.  It is the only minimalist part of our entire house.

Not only did I get the box, but he also booked for us to go back to London for a week in August as we enjoyed it so much the first time around.  We are all very excited about this, especially as Jason is able to come up for the first few days of our stay with us, so we might actually get to show him something nice about London and take him somewhere he doesn’t go ‘Urgh! London!’ about.

I am feeling rather pampered at the moment, as well I might.

I would mention however, strictly in the interests of fairness, and not with any malice aforethought that he did buy himself a small, shiny sports car this week too, so it’s not all philanthropy and giving to the needy.

He takes delivery of a two seater Porsche Cayman tomorrow.

It’s a hard life…

The second thing I wanted to show you a picture of is my new shorts:

I have never really been a big shorts fan, but these were £1 from the local charity shop and I quite liked them.  I took the risk for a whole shiny pound, and trialled them at work on Tuesday.  I was rather nervous as I haven’t shown this much leg since about 1993, but I’m quite pleased with the result.

If you’re thinking ‘meh’ or ‘bleurgh’ please do bear in mind my forty year old ness, my utter lack of fitness/exercise routines and the fact that I mostly live on cake.  Suddenly it becomes more impressive, no?

Whatever, I’m feeling quite chipper about ’em, so wotheell.

13 responses to “Two photos of shiny fings

  1. The shorts is good. So is the legs. 😉

  2. … and of course I zero in on Jason’s new Porsche. PG has also recently purchased another (used) Porsche, a 944 turbo. What IS it with those cars?? Is that the only vehicle those two men approve of owning or something?

  3. wait! didn’t jason nobly rid himself of a sporty car in order for you to get a family car?: awesome. and is austerity out of season? wonderful on the london thing.

    • Truly wonderful on the London thing. Austerity is not his watchword right now, and he has kept the family car too. I don’t know what’s going on for him, but I’m not complaining.

  4. Shorts look is good. I would like to try it myself but with a 21 yr old daughter in the house that is a no no.

  5. shorts is good, but im faintly distracted by the room in the background, is that a wooden floor? i love wooden floors but my OH wont let me have one, woe is me 😦

  6. Beautiful box, how lovely. One of the problems with student flats is the utter lack of storage space and so I gaze enviously at yours.

  7. Cayt. I have a selection of blanket boxes, chests and boxes I have hoarded over the years. I love them and they’re so practical

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